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Personal protective equipment usage and Common security guards the inspection methods

safety shoe

Protective shoe species more, such as leather safety shoes, anti-static of shoes, rubber surface prevent hit safety shoes, insulating rubber overshoes leather shoes, low-voltage insulation, acid and alkali leather shoes, acid and alkali resistant JiaoXue, acid and alkali resistant plastic moulded boots, high temperature protective shoe, puncture proof footwear, welding protective shoes, etc. Should be based on the workplaces and contents of different chooses to use. Electric construction site is used in an insulating boots shoes), welding protective shoe, acid and alkali resistant rubber boots and leather safety shoes, etc. The requirements for insulated shoes are:
(1) must be used within a prescribed voltage, (2) insulated shoes (boots) sizing material part without damage, and every six months a preventive test, (3) SRM, oil, acid, alkali conditions on May not be used as auxiliary safe appliance use

safety helmet

Electric construction site, the workers worn by helmet is mainly to protect the head not hurt. It can be in the following conditions protect head not hurt or reduce the degree of head injury.
(1) fly or falling objects strike to head, (2) when homework personnel from more than 2m and falling down, (3) when the brain may get an electric shock, (4) in the low position to walk or homework, head may bump into sharp, hard objects.
The wearing helmet must conform to the standards, use must conform to the regulations. If wear and use not right, is not a sufficient protection function. Generally should pay attention to the following matters:
(1) before wearing a helmet should be adjusted according to his cap after with head type adjustment to the right position, then will cap in elastic belt fastened the. Cushioning pad by tape firmness, the person's head and adjusting cap body top space vertical distance between 25 to 50 in commonly, at least not less than 32mm as well. Such ability assure when subjected to impact, cap body has enough space for buffer, usually also conducive to head and cap body between the ventilation. (2) don't wear helmet slanting, do not pull hat worn on brain rear. Otherwise, can reduce helmets for protection of impact. (3) under a helmet's tie must buckle in jaws, and fastened the moderation, firmness. Such discipline12 blown off, or by other obstacles knocked off, or because of the head to and fro, make a helmet falls off. (4) helmet body top except in cap body internal installed cap lining, some still opened outside holes ventilated. But when use don't to breathe freely and literally any openings. Because such as will BianMao body intensity decreased. (5) because of safety helmet in use process, will gradually damage. So to regular check, check if chap, sunken, cracks and wear of the situation, found that the abnormal phenomenon will immediately be replaced, no longer allowed to continue to use. Any highly critical hits, have crack helmet and no matter whether have damage phenomenon, should be scrapped. (6) verboten only mandibular band and cap shell connection helmet, namely cap without buffer layer within the helmet. (7) construction personnel in the field work, don't take them off, aside, or when the cushion use. (8) because most is the use of low-pressure helmet high-density polyethylene plastic sclerosis and variable exuviate, with the nature. So not easy for a long time in the sunlight. (9) new brought helmet, first check whether there is labor department allows production certificate and product certification, and then see if damaged, bao hou differentials, buffer layer and the adjustment of belt and elastic belt is excellent and effective. Don't comply with the requirements of the immediate exchange. (10) at the scene indoor homework wearing a helmet, especially indoors charged homework, more earnestly to wear a helmet, because a helmet can not only prevent collision, and still can rise to insulation effect. (11) peacetime use safety helmet should keep clean and tidy, unable to contact the fire, don't arbitrary besmear brushs the paint, prohibit when bench sitting, prevent loss. If lost or damaged, must immediately reissue or replacement. Without helmets are not allowed to enter the construction site.
safety belts

Electric construction site, working at height, overlapping crossover operation is very much. In order to prevent operators in a certain height and position of possible fall, and the operators in climing and working at height, must XiGua seat belt fastened. The belt use and maintenance have the following requirements:
(1) thought must attach importance to the role of seat belts. Numerous examples proof, the belts are "help belt". But there are a few people think wearing a seatbelt trouble, fluctuation walk not convenient, especially a few small living, temporary live, think "have pierced the belt time live to all done". Little imagine, accident happens in a flash, so high assignments must be according to regulations and fasten your seat belts. (2) seat belts before use rope with no metamorphic should check whether there is crack, clasp, card reed bounce sex is good or not. (3) working at height as belts without fixed hang place, should adopt appropriate intensity wire rope or by other methods. Prohibit the seat belt hanging in mobile or bring pointed tax spindle angles or loose items. (4) high up with low. Seat hang on high, the person below work is called high up with low. This is a relatively safe, reasonable scientific XiGua method. It can make have fall occurs the actual distance reduce impact. In contrast with low hanging high. Seat belt fastened is lower, and the person above homework. This is a kind of very insecure XiGua method, because when fall occurs, the actual distance will increase the impact of rope, and are influenced by bigger impact load. So belts must be high up with low, prevent low-hanging high use. (5) seat belt to fastened on firm components or object, want to prevent swinging or collision, cannot use rope knot, hook will hang upon connecting ring. (6) seat belts rope to remain intact demeo, in case the rope frayed. If discover demeo is damaged or fall off, must add new set of before use. (7) seat belts strictly forbid after long use. If use 3m and above the following must be added buffers, to dismantle the components. (8) seat belts before use to check each place are intact. Seat belts after use, should pay attention to maintain and keep. Always check seat belts sewing parts and hook part, must check whether happen twined a detailed line crack fault and damaged, etc. (9) seat belt when not in use shall be properly kept, not touch the high temperature, flame and strong acid, strong alkali or sharp objects, do not store in damp warehouse keeping. (10) seat belts in use two years later, once upon a frequent use should be regular inspection, abnormal must be replaced immediately. Regular or sampling test used seatbelts, no longer allowed to continue to use.
protective clothing

Electric construction site on homework personnel should be coverall. Welder overalls general is white and other kinds of coverall no color restriction. Protective clothing has the following categories: (1) systemic protection type overalls, (2) antivirus overalls, (3) acid overalls, (4) refractory overalls, (5) heat insulation overalls, (6) ventilation cooling overalls, (7) is cooled overalls, (8) prevent ray overalls, (9) labor protection raincoat, (10) ordinary clothes.
Turbine construction site on homework personnel wearing protective clothing requirements are:
(1) homework personnel assignments must be coverall when, (2) operation rotating machinery, cuff must tied, (3) engaged in special operating personnel must wear special operating protective clothing, (4) welder coverall should be white canvas production.

Safety glasses

Particle of matter and elastic, sparks and heat flux, dazzling ray and smoke will cause damage to the eyes. So, when they must, according to the different protected objects selection and use of protective glasses.
(1) prevent blow to protect eye glasses have 3 kinds:
(1) hard glass goggles, (2) glial agglutinate bo ryukyu goggles (by shock, struck a cracked shape, broken when not splash); (3) steel net goggles. They can prevent metal fragments or breadcrumbs, sand dust, stone breadcrumbs, concrete scraps of eye splash content of stroke. Metal cutting operations, concrete cut hair assignments, portable grinder assignment and so on suitable for wearing this classification includs glass goggles.
(2) ultraviolet prevention and strong light with ultraviolet prevention goggles and anti-radiation mask. Welding work using radiation-proof line mask shall consist of no conductivematerial, observation window, filters, protect slice size anastomosis, seamless. Goggles color is mixed color, with blue, green, gray as well.
(3) to prevent harmful liquid goggles simple mainly used to prevent acid, alkali liquid and other dangerous chemicals into body and caused by irritating to eyes of damage. General lens with ordinary glass production, frames with nonmetal corrosion resistant materials.
(4) in the lens of glass to join a certain amount of metal lead plane made of glass paste, mainly is to prevent the goggles X-ray cross-eye department of damage.
(5) prevent dust, smoke and various light toxicity or irritating weaker toxic gas protection lens must be sealed, cover, and facial edge without antrum contact rigor, frames to acid and alkali.

Safety gloves

The construction site of all the homework here, mostly by hands operation is completed. It was decided to hand often in danger. Opponents of safety protection mainly rely on gloves. Use protective gloves must, when the workpiece, equipment and homework after analyzing the situation, choose proper made of materials, convenient to operate, gloves, can protect. But the need for fine adjustment of assignments. Wear with protective gloves would not easy operation, especially for the use of drilling, milling machine, and transmit machine involves with clip crowded perilous spot operation personnel, if use glove, it is by a mechanical entangled or clamped danger. So in these assignments personnel, strict taboo protective gloves. Turbine construction site used protective gloves has the following kinds: (1) Labour protection glove. Has to protect hand and arm function, homework personnel work usually USES this kind of gloves. (2) live working with insulating gloves. According to the voltage proper selection of gloves, check surface had cracks and tacky, sent fragile such defects, such as abnormal taboo. (3) acid and alkali glove. Mainly used for contact acid and alkali wear gloves. (4) rubber oil resistant gloves. Mainly used for contact mineral oil, vegetable oil and fat of the clusters of various dissolve jiqing wear gloves homework. (5) welder gloves. Electricity, HuoHan work industry wear protective gloves, should check leather or canvas surface had stiff, thin file, such as incomplete DongYan phenomenon, such as a defect, are not allowed to be used. Gloves should be long enough, wrist ministry cannot bare outside.

Common security guards the inspection methods

Common security guards must carefully inspect, test. Safety net whether there is sundry, whether by falling objects damage or be lifting objects crashing. Helmet was object hit, whether to have crack, etc. Check for safety gear often as required
(1) helmet: 3kg heavy steel ball, from was high vertical free-falling impact was not damaged, when testing application wood a semi-circle head model to test the safety helmet inside buffer elastic belt fastened on the model. Various materials helmet experiments can use this method. Test period for every year.
(2) seat belt: national regulation, the factory test is taking load 120kg objects, from 2 to 2.8 m on a high impact seatbelts, no damage components namely for qualified. Construction units according to actual situation, satisfying the test load heavy standard cases, adjust measures to local conditions to take some effective measures. Some construction unit commonly used method is: adopt the sacks, by loading sawdust un-equilibrium etc padding, plus iron, in order to achieve test load heavy standards. Using specifically as an experiment of shelf, actions, static load test into. Nylon seat belts accessories for: belts limit tension index, braces 1500kg 1200 ~ 70 to 100 kg, the safety rope 1500 kg, a hook circle 1200 kg, fixed clip next 60 kg, ruthlessly 700 kg. Seat belts load test requirement is: the construction unit to seat belts periodically static loading test. Test load for 225 kg, hanging 5min, check whether deformation, failure, etc., and make records. The belt test period for: every time tie-off, must be carefully before the examination. After two years of new seatbelt use spot test, old belts every 6 months on a random. You need to be aware that whatever had done a test security guards, no more use.
(3) ppe examination must also note: 1) whether does the product have "production license" unit production products; 2) whether does the product have "product qualification certificate"; 3) whether products meet the product the quality requirements; 4) the product specification and technical performance and assignments protection requirements whether anastomosis.