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safety helmet

Electric construction site, the workers worn by helmet is mainly to protect the head not hurt. It can be in the following conditions
protect head not hurt or reduce the degree of head injury.

(1) fly or falling objects strike to head, (2) when homework personnel from more than 2m and falling down, (3) when the brain

may get an electric shock, (4) in the low position to walk or homework, head may bump into sharp, hard objects.

The wearing helmet must conform to the standards, use must conform to the regulations. If wear and use not right, is not a

sufficient protection function. Generally should pay attention to the following matters:

(1) before wearing a helmet should be adjusted according to his cap after with head type adjustment to the right position, then

will cap in elastic belt fastened the. Cushioning pad by tape firmness, the person's head and adjusting cap body top space

vertical distance between 25 to 50 in commonly, at least not less than 32mm as well. Such ability assure when subjected to

impact, cap body has enough space for buffer, usually also conducive to head and cap body between the ventilation.

(2) don't wear helmet slanting, do not pull hat worn on brain rear. Otherwise, can reduce helmets for protection of impact.

(3) under a helmet's tie must buckle in jaws, and fastened the moderation, firmness. Such discipline12 blown off, or by

other obstacles knocked off, or because of the head to and fro, make a helmet falls off.
(4) helmet body top except in cap body internal installed cap lining, some still opened outside holes ventilated. But when

use don't to breathe freely and literally any openings. Because such as will BianMao body intensity decreased.

(5) because of safety helmet in use process, will gradually damage. So to regular check, check if chap, sunken, cracks

and wear of the situation, found that the abnormal phenomenon will immediately be replaced, no longer allowed to

continue to use. Any highly critical hits, have crack helmet and no matter whether have damage phenomenon, should

be scrapped.

(6) verboten only mandibular band and cap shell connection helmet, namely cap without buffer layer within the helmet.

(7) construction personnel in the field work, don't take them off, aside, or when the cushion use.

(8) because most is the use of low-pressure helmet high-density polyethylene plastic sclerosis and variable exuviate,

with the nature. So not easy for a long time in the sunlight. (9) new brought helmet, first check whether there is labor

department allows production certificate and product certification, and then see if damaged, bao hou differentials,

buffer layer and the adjustment of belt and elastic belt is excellent and effective. Don't comply with the requirements

of the immediate exchange.

(10) at the scene indoor homework wearing a helmet, especially indoors charged homework, more earnestly to wear

a helmet, because a helmet can not only prevent collision, and still can rise to insulation effect.

(11) peacetime use safety helmet should keep clean and tidy, unable to contact the fire, don't arbitrary besmear brushs

the paint, prohibit when bench sitting, prevent loss. If lost or damaged, must immediately reissue or replacement. Without

helmets are not allowed to enter the construction site.

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