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Electric construction site, working at height, overlapping crossover operation is very much. In order to prevent operators in a

certain height and position of possible fall, and the operators in climing and working at height, must XiGua seat belt fastened.

The belt use and maintenance have the following requirements:

(1) thought must attach importance to the role of seat belts. Numerous examples proof, the belts are "help belt". But there are

a few people think wearing a seatbelt trouble, fluctuation walk not convenient, especially a few small living, temporary live, think

have pierced the belt time live to all done". Little imagine, accident happens in a flash, so high assignments must be according

to regulations and fasten your seat belts.

(2) seat belts before use rope with no metamorphic should check whether there is crack, clasp, card reed bounce sex is good or not.
(3) working at height as belts without fixed hang place, should adopt appropriate intensity wire rope or by other methods. Prohibit the

seat belt hanging in mobile or bring pointed tax spindle angles or loose items.

(4) high up with low. Seat hang on high, the person below work is called high up with low. This is a relatively safe, reasonable scientific

XiGua method. It can make have fall occurs the actual distance reduce impact. In contrast with low hanging high. Seat belt fastened is

lower, and the person above homework. This is a kind of very insecure XiGua method, because when fall occurs, the actual distance

will increase the impact of rope, and are influenced by bigger impact load. So belts must be high up with low, prevent low-hanging high 

(5) seat belt to fastened on firm components or object, want to prevent swinging or collision, cannot use rope knot, hook will hang upon

connecting ring.
(6) seat belts rope to remain intact demeo, in case the rope frayed. If discover demeo is damaged or fall off, must add new set of before use.
(7) seat belts strictly forbid after long use. If use 3m and above the following must be added buffers, to dismantle the components.

(8) seat belts before use to check each place are intact. Seat belts after use, should pay attention to maintain and keep. Always check

seat belts sewing parts and hook part, must check whether happen twined a detailed line crack fault and damaged, etc.

(9) seat belt when not in use shall be properly kept, not touch the high temperature, flame and strong acid, strong alkali or sharp objects,

do not store in damp warehouse keeping.

(10) seat belts in use two years later, once upon a frequent use should be regular inspection, abnormal must be replaced immediately.

Regular or sampling test used seatbelts, no longer allowed to continue to use.

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