Reliable Chef Shoes Manufacturer with 10 Years of OEM Experience

Anbu safety is one leading chef shoe manufacturing company with 10+ years of experience in the industry. We make chef shoes and kitchens for all kinds of work environments.

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Chef Shoes Manufacturer

Your Reliable chef Shoes Supplier in China

Anbu Safety is a professional manufacturer of chef safety shoes in China. We supply different styles of chef shoes and kitchen shoes, leather chef shoes, slip-on-resistant chef shoes, white nurse shoes, chef clogs, etc to 30 countries. Select the style of chef shoes you are interested in and send us an inquiry.  

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Our Products

We offer rubber-soled chef shoes and kitchen shoes that are oil resistant, anti-slip, waterproof, and have steel or plastic toes, and they come in a variety of colors.    

Why Choose Us

Good Quality Control

Our products are certified to different standards, such as CE and UL, to ensure their quality.

Custom OEM Design

Our own designer can provide custom design services for your style of PPE item, OEM is accepted.

Direct Factory Price

We are a direct manufacturer of chef shoes in China, so we can offer you competitive prices.

Fast Delivery Time

OEM orders can be delivered in 30 working days, while free samples can be produced in 7 days.

Our Happy Clients From 30+ Countries

Lucky to find anbu safety company by searching, we bought chef safety shoes and coveralls with less price than local competitors. That helped us expand our business in two years.
Jhone Smith
Jhone Smith
Purchase Manager
I have been working with anbu safety company for five years now, and I am glad I chose them from the start. Their products are very high quality, and my retailers have never complained about them.
Roger M Lambdin
Company Owner
Anbu Safety Company is a great partner for us. Their sales are very professional. Just send to their PO, and I sit in the office and wait for the goods to arrive. The quality has never disappointed me.
Floyd Miles
Sales Manager

Our Chef Shoes Services

We are your reliable supplier of chef shoes in China. We can help you to design your own chef shoes and kitchen shoes. We can add your logo to the chef’s shoes and packaging.

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Chef Shoes Manufacturing

We have been manufacturing chef shoes and kitchen shoes for more than 10 years, OEM services are acceptable.

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Custom Chef Shoes

Our company can produce different colors of chef shoes according to your requirements, or we can produce shoes in your own style.  

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Chef Shoes Testing

QC department tests each pair of chef shoes to make sure they are puncture proof, oil proof, and slip proof.  

Start doing business with us today!

Anbu Safety Company is a reliable safety equipment supplier and PPE manufacturer in China. We have exported chef shoes and kitchen shoes to more than 30 countries, including the USA, Germany, Britain, Greece, France, Austria, Middle East, and Africa countries.

We mainly do OEM services for PPE items. We can supply steel toe chef shoes, steel-toe gumboots, safety shoes, PVC rain boots, rigger safety boots, military boots, etc. We can add your logo to the shoes. But please note that our MOQ usually is 1000pcs per style. If your quantity does not meet our MQO, we will be unable to supply for you.

The Ultimate Guide for Chef shoes manufacturer

The Ultimate Guide of chef shoes and kitchen shoes type, function, standard and feature.

Chef Shoes Manufacturers -The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Chef shoes are stylish yet protective shoes that aim to secure your feet from mishaps. The chef shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day long.

They are unique in the sense that their memory bed foam insoles give maximum support to your arches. It is anti-slip, oil-resistant, and grease-resistant.

In this FAQ guide, you will get to know every piece of information about the chef shoes and Chef shoe manufacturersLet’s discuss in detail the most frequently asked questions about the chef’s shoes and manufacturers of the chef’s shoes.

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Table of Contents

What are chef shoes?

Chef shoes are shoes that chefs wear at their workplace. Wearing them is specifically suited to their work environment.

They are unique from other work shoes. Chef uses it to protect them against the slick surface of kitchen floors. Chefs’ shoes prevent them from slipping on spills. The use of oil- and grease-resistant shoes for chefs is indispensable.

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What are the types of chef's shoes?

There are a few types of shoes for chefs. Typically you can find two styles of chef’s shoes available in markets. One is ‘Lace up’ and the other is Slip-on.

Lace-up shoesThese shoes as the name suggests have laces. Some people prefer buying lace-up shoes, and fastening the lace is not a hassle for them.

Slip-on shoesSlip-on shoes don’t have laces, and people find them more comfortable.


The most popular example of slip-on shoes is known as clogs.

What is the purpose of manufacturing chef's shoes?

Your kitchen is the space where you spend most of the time of your day. You have to be energetic throughout your day in the kitchen.

To perform your duties in the kitchen, you need to wear something comfortable. So keeping in mind your manufacturers try to make chef’s shoes comfort .

These shoes are not only for comfort but also for your safety. When you work in the kitchen, you have to deal with water, oil, and many other things.

In the kitchen chefs also deal with accidental spills and sometimes greasy ones. Chef’s shoes are ideal for these situations.

Anti-slip shoes and clogs should be your choice to avoid kitchen hazards

What is the material of the chefs' shoes?

It totally depends on the choice of the users. Manufacturers make shoes according to the needs of their clients. The materials manufacturers use are for the comfort of their clients.

Nowadays, the material manufacturers use is leather. Some of the clogs and shoes are made of polyurethane. Polyurethane has a high cut and tear resistance. Some manufacturers also use rubber for making heels. Water and oil resistant leather is famous among chef shoe manufacturers.

Manufacturers also take care of industry chefs by making steel-toe chef’s shoes. As it minimizes the risks of injury to the toes by heavy objects.

Due to the risk of slipping on the kitchen floor, your shoes have heels made of anti-slip materials. In the same manner, your feet should also have a strong grip from inside the shoes. So to protect that, manufacturers also make slip-resistant soles.

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What are the safety requirements for the chef's shoes?

Chef shoes manufacturers are primarily concerned with your safety. They keep it stylish and safe for your comfort. There are some safety requirements for your chef’s shoes.

Safety certification: Chef’s shoes must have safety certification. Ensure to check the safety clearance certificate of the manufacturer.

Material: Your chef’s shoes should have high quality. If the quality of shoes is not high enough, your shoes can even cause severe harm.

Insole: the insole’s grip is as imperative as the heel’s. Sometimes you lose grip on your feet and trip. Chefs require comfortable grip shoes.

Ventilation: After grip, ventilation is another major factor in terms of safety. Due to the kitchen’s hot environment, sweating is a common thing. However, moist feet can cause disease. Apart from that, you can lose your grip and fall into the kitchen. The kitchen shoes you wear must be breathable.

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Why is it important to wear chef's shoes in the kitchen?

The kitchen is the place where you have dangerous things. Sharp knives, cutlery, heavy pots, burners, fryers with hot oil, and other objects. You handle them with care, but mishaps can happen.

So, you have to be protective in this type of environment. Chef’s shoes are also part of the uniform. They are for your protection in fast-paced surroundings.

Working for long hours and standing on your feet continuously can cause fatigue. These shoes are designed in a way to provide support for your arch.

Chef’s shoes come with memory foam insoles. It gives relief to your feet and back where the pressure is high. They also make your calves less tired. Breathable chef’s shoes will keep your feet away from blisters.

How to import chef's shoes from China?

For this question, the answer is, it is easy to import chef’s shoes from China. It will be the easiest procedure for you when you get to know how import and export things work.

● All you have to do is gather every piece of information regarding the manufacturer of chef’s shoes.

● You must select your manufacturer rationally. Someone who can work according to your preferences and needs.

● Check the basics of the import laws of China.

●  Invest your time in searching for a manufacturer.

● Check out his credentials and order samples.

● After getting samples, decide about your order. The rest is just a matter of arranging the shipment.

● You can hire a supplier to do all the dealings.

● Suppliers are able to handle everything from packaging to check with manufacturers. All you have to do is wait for the shipments to arrive.

● Even without any external help, it’s still an easy task to do.

How to find a reliable chef's shoe manufacturer?

Chinese manufacturers of chef’s shoes can make very reliable business partners. The best shoes are those that are reliable. To buy chef’s shoes from a trustworthy manufacturer in China you just have to put in a little effort.


Google is the most used internet search engine. That is why it is recommended for you. You just have to type keywords and all the recommendations will appear on your screen. You can search for their details and other queries about them.

Online B2B

This digital era is the place where everything is connected. The Internet can give you a chance to do your business with other people living thousands of miles away. Business to business is a platform through which you can find manufacturers from all over the world. Two main sites are very easy to handle i.e and You can go there and search for the manufacturer of chef’s shoes. You will get details of the company and manufacturer from there and will be able to meet verified manufacturers.

Trade shows and fairs

This is another opportunity to meet verified and certified manufacturers. Trade shows and fairs are held every year to provide a golden opportunity for manufacturers and suppliers. Businessmen from different countries participate in them. You can also go there and personally meet manufacturers.

Visit the factory

It is one of the best ways to check the reliability of the manufacturer. You will get the chance to assess the product thoroughly. You should personally visit the factory to eliminate any doubts.


In this way, you will know your business partner well enough to do business deals in the future.
How do the manufacturers of chef shoes ensure their quality?

The quality of chef’s shoes is the key component. Manufacturers invariably try to ensure the high quality of chef’s shoes.

● They ensure quality by choosing ISO-approved materials.

● They make sure that the chef’s shoes are ergonomic.

● They guarantee the quality of shoes by using thermal-resistant leather in manufacturing shoes.

● They verify the special protection of shoes by checking the strength of toe caps.

● The shock-absorption properties of the insoles play an important role in ensuring quality.

●  ISO 16187:2013 defines the test methods to assess the antibacterial activity in footwear and components. It can also help manufacturers in making chef shoes.

How to distinguish a good manufacturer of chef's shoes from other manufacturers?

A reliable manufacturer of chef shoes will never let anything come wrong which can cause damage to their clients. Here are some suggestions to get the right manufacturer of chef’s shoes

● You can check out for the registration of the company and, good ones will provide you without hesitation.

● Trustworthy manufacturers will never hide their audit reports or details of their company.

● Reliable manufacturers will agree to provide you with samples.

● If the manufacturer doesn’t have any permanent office or factory address, don’t start a business.

● Ask your manufacturer for a factory visit. If the manufacturer agrees to that, you can do business with him.

● Always confirm the shipment details with the manufacturer. In this way, both you and your manufacturer

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