Clothing manufacturers: How to find and Where to find

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Have you ever tried to find an excellent clothing manufacturer for your startup business? You can spend hours on Google and contact many companies before you find the proper manufacturer that offers good quality clothing at an affordable price.

There are plenty of custom clothing manufacturing companies in the world that you can work with. But how do you know which are the best? How do you evaluate which clothing manufacturing companies are better than others?

In this post, I’m going to give you the information you need to learn about our top 10 best clothing manufacturers for startups business, which you can use as a checklist while searching for custom clothing manufacturers. Running your own business is challenging enough – don’t waste time searching for substandard or unreliable clothing suppliers. 

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What is a Clothing Manufacturer?

A clothing manufacturer is a company that produces clothing for both retail and wholesale distribution. The main difference between clothing and textile manufacturers is that the former makes clothes from fabric to be sold to the public. At the same time, the latter produces materials such as cotton, wool, or silk that can be used in clothing.

Some clothing manufacturers specialize in producing one type of garment, while others make several different types of garments. For example, some may specialize in women’s blouses while others specialize in men’s sports coats.

Clothing manufacturers may sell their products directly to consumers through retail outlets like department stores or discount stores or sell them through wholesalers who then resell them to retailers.

Clothing manufacturers produce garments in bulk, so they have extensive facilities to store them until they are sold at retail stores or online shops as part of an eCommerce website.

How to find clothing manufacturers for startups?

Startups can find clothing manufacturers for their clothing lines. However, this may not be as easy as it seems. Finding the proper manufacturer for your clothing business takes a lot of research and networking.

There are many ways to find reliable clothing manufacturers. Such as searching online directories, attending trade shows for the apparel industry, asking other businesses in the apparel industry for recommendations, Searching on Google search, Using online B2B platforms like Alibaba to find suppliers, Using social media networks like Linkedin, etc.

Attending trade shows for the apparel industry

Attending a trade show can help you find clothing manufacturers by putting you in front of many different companies interested in creating a partnership with you. You’ll be able to speak with them directly, which can help you find the proper manufacturer for your needs.

If you’re starting a new business and need help finding clothing manufacturers, attend a trade show near where you live or work. Some major cities have many different shows throughout the year — if you want to attend China trade shows for garments suppliers, the Canton Fair is the most famous and significant in China. You can attend this fair to find all the types of clothing suppliers.

You’ll also see what other companies are doing in your field and learn from their success and failures. When choosing clothing manufacturers for your company, you can bring this information back home.

Once you find a few potential options, you should research each one to make sure they are reputable and have experience manufacturing the type of clothing you want to produce.

Searching online directories

Search online directories. Look up clothing manufacturers in an online business directory like Yellow Pages and search for one that offers listings by category. You can also search for clothing manufacturers on Yelp, Google Places, and Yahoo Local.

Contact manufacturers directly through their websites. Many clothing manufacturers have contact pages on yellow page where you can send an email requesting information about their products or whether they make custom-made clothing. If you don’t see this information on their site, call them directly and ask if they have any information about their company policies or services that would be helpful to small businesses like yours.

Asking other apparel industry friends for recommendations

The best way to find clothing manufacturers is by asking for friend recommendations. If you have friends who have already worked with a clothing manufacturer before, they can recommend them to you. This is the easiest way to find any business because your friends are usually more than willing to help out their friends.

Ask your friends about their experiences working with clothing manufacturers. What were their experiences? Were there any problems or issues that arose during the process? What would they do differently next time? Take notes to use the information when looking for clothing manufacturers.

Searching on Google search engines

The best way to find clothing manufacturers is by searching on Google. Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world. It can also be used as a tool to help you find clothing manufacturers. You can type in “clothing manufacturers,” “garment manufacturers,” or even “clothes manufacturers,” and it will give you a list of websites that have been searched for.

Click on the results page link, and you will be directed to a website where many companies sell clothes. The first link on the list will be the most popular, so click on that one. Then look at the top right corner of their page, which says “Contact Us.”

Please choose one of them by reading their profile on their website, looking at their prices, etc., to decide which one suits your needs better. Contact this company and tell them what kind of clothing you want them to manufacture for you.

Using online B2B platforms like Alibaba

The good way to find clothing manufacturers is by using online B2B platforms like Alibaba. If you are in the fashion industry, you have probably heard of this website. It’s a global business-to-business (B2B) platform where wholesalers and manufacturers can sell their products and connect with buyers worldwide.

Founded in 1999, Alibaba is now one of the world’s largest marketplaces for businesses of all sizes. It offers a wide range of products that can be shipped directly to customers worldwide.

You’ll find everything from clothing manufacturers to jewelry makers, electronic component suppliers, and much more. The site has millions of listings from hundreds of thousands of sellers across thousands of categories, giving you plenty of options when looking for a supplier who can meet your specifications.

To find clothing manufacturers on Alibaba, type in the clothing you’re looking for in a search bar on the homepage or browse through categories until you find something that matches your needs. For example, if you’re looking for men’s suits, select “men’s apparel” from the drop-down menu at the top right corner, then choose “suit sets.” This will bring up all suits and jackets, including blazers and tuxedos.

Once you’ve found an outfit that meets your standards, click on it to view more details about pricing and shipping. You’ll also see a list of similar items below it. If you like what you see, scroll down to see more things that match your search criteria.

Using social media networks

Social media is a great way to find clothing manufacturers. You can use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to find clothing manufacturers who can produce the type of garments you need for your store.

LinkedIn is an excellent place to find clothing manufacturers because it has many professionals. This means you can easily find someone with the right skills to work with you.

The best way to find clothing manufacturers on LinkedIn is by using the search bar at the top of the page. If you want to narrow your search, you can use keywords such as “textile manufacturer” or “sewing.” When you enter these keywords into the search bar, you will see all relevant results appear on your screen. These results will show you which companies are located near your location or which ones have employees who live near you. This makes it easier for them to meet and discuss business details in person.

You can also search by company name or location if you know where they are located already. This can be helpful if there are many different companies in an area and you want to narrow down your options before speaking with them about potential business arrangements.

Where to find clothing manufacturers for startups?

clothing manufacturer

Finding a good clothing manufacturer for startups is difficult, but it is well worth the effort. You can find many different types of companies that will be able to provide you with quality clothing.

You can find clothing manufacturers anywhere in the world. The choice of where to find them depends on your business model, your budget, and the type of clothing you want to produce.

There are several options for where to find clothing manufacturers, including:

Domestic clothing manufacturers

Domestic manufacturers are located in your own country. These companies may have factories or contract outside vendors to produce a product. If you’re looking for quality but don’t have the budget or time to design and make your clothing line, it may be worth considering domestic clothing manufacturers.

Advantage of domestic clothing manufacturer

They’ve perfected their craft and know what it takes to create high-quality garments. The advantage of using a domestic manufacturer is that they can often provide better service, faster delivery, and easy to meet than overseas manufacturers. Domestic manufacturers can ship your products faster and more efficiently than those overseas. This is especially important if you’re trying to get your product out in time for a specific event or season.

What’s more, domestic manufacturers are more likely to be able to accommodate smaller orders than their overseas counterparts — which can be very important if you’re starting and aren’t sure how successful your company will be right away. Finally, it’s important to note that specific legal requirements must be met when manufacturing goods in the United States or abroad.

The disadvantage of domestic clothing manufacturer

The disadvantage of the domestic clothing manufacturer is the prices of domestic manufacturers are generally higher than those offered by overseas manufacturers, which means that you need to sell more units to break even or make a profit.

Overseas clothing manufacturers

Overseas clothing manufacturers are companies located overseas that specialize in manufacturing clothes. Many companies are located in China and India, but others are spread throughout Asia and South America. This is because these countries have cheap labor rates. These countries have affordable labor rates because of the availability of skilled workers and the low cost of living. The companies can manufacture their products at a very reasonable price with high-quality products compared to other countries.

Advantage of overseas clothing manufacturer

The main advantage of using an overseas clothing manufacturer is that you will pay less for your clothes. Because of lower labor costs, producing a shirt or pair of pants for much less than what it would cost in the US is possible.

Overseas clothing manufacturers are often the most cost-effective choice for small businesses and startups wanting to get started without spending too much money upfront.

Another advantage of choosing an overseas clothing manufacturer over other options is that they can offer more customization than others because they can produce smaller batches than their American counterparts.

With overseas manufacturing, you’ll be able to create unique custom designs while still having access to large quantities of inventory at a lower cost per unit than domestic suppliers.

The disadvantage of overseas clothing manufacturer

The disadvantage of working with overseas clothing manufacturers is that they do not have as much control over quality control as domestic manufacturers. If something goes wrong with your order, it will be harder for them to fix it quickly and efficiently. In addition, since they have less control over quality control, there may be some issues with your order in the future which could cause problems for everyone involved in the process.

It is also essential to remember that overseas clothing manufacturers often take longer to deliver products than domestic ones because they have to ship their products from one country to another before they can provide them to customers worldwide. This means that if you want your order delivered quickly, then work overseas.

How to request a price quotation from garment manufacturers?

When you are ready to buy your clothing from a manufacturer, you may want to request a price quotation. You can do this by sending an email or making a phone call.

Here is how to write an email requesting a price quotation from clothing manufacturers:

  1. In the subject line of your email, type “Price Quotation Request.”
  2. Write the name of the company you are working with and include their contact information. This includes their address, phone number, and email address if they have one on their website. If not, include that information in the body of the email along with any other pertinent information, such as size charts or shipping information.
  3. Write a brief paragraph stating what you need and why you’re requesting it (i.e., “I am looking for a coverall made from cotton fabrics”). Be sure to include specific requests (i.e., “I need these blouses in four different colors”).
  4. Write specifically about the required product details and date constraints. If there are no deadlines, then state this clearly so that the manufacturer doesn’t make unnecessary assumptions about your requirements. Your request should include: what type of garment you want, the fabric you wish to use (cotton, polyester, etc.), your size requirements (such as S-3XL), how many pieces you wish to purchase, and when you need them to be delivered.
  5. Include your full name, mailing address, and phone number so they can reach you if necessary.

If the email does not reply in 1 day, you can directly call them and ask if their sales receive your inquiry email.

What to look for when choosing a clothing manufacturer?

When you are choosing a clothing manufacturer, there are several things that you need to consider. Do not just pick the first company you find online or in the phone book. There are many things to look for when choosing a clothing manufacturer.

What type of clothes do they make?

This is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a clothing manufacturer. You need to make sure they can make what you want before signing up with them. If they cannot make what you want, it may be better to look elsewhere for your clothing business needs.

What kind of experience do they have?

How long has my potential manufacturer been in business? How many years have they been working in this industry? What other clothing brands have they worked with? The more experience they have, the better they’ll be at meeting deadlines and providing quality service.

What is the clothing manufacturer’s production capacity?

This question is the first thing you should ask because it will determine how much time your order takes to complete. Some manufacturers can only handle small orders, so you might have to wait months before your clothes are ready for delivery. On the other hand, some manufacturers have very high capacities and can produce large quantities of clothing in a short time.

What quality standards does the clothing manufacturer have?

It’s important to know what kind of quality standards your manufacturer uses because this will affect the price of your product and its overall quality. If you need high-quality garments, it might be better to look for a company with ISO certification or another industry standard that shows they are committed to providing good-quality products and services.

If you want something cheap, then there are plenty of manufacturers who can provide this service as well! But make sure that they won’t sacrifice quality to meet their target price point; otherwise, your customers might not be satisfied with their purchase.

What is the clothing manufacturer’s delivery time?

You should see how long it takes them to deliver your order and whether they can meet your deadline or not. If your company is a fast-fashion brand and you need new designs every season, then the delivery time is of utmost importance. If you’re selling slow-selling items or have extended lead times before your following collection will be made available on store shelves, then the delivery time isn’t so important.

If these clothing manufacturers help design clothing?

Many clothing manufacturers also offer design services so that they can help create your product from start to finish without any hassle on your part. If you don’t have any experience designing clothing, this can be very helpful and save you lots of time and effort trying to learn how to design clothes yourself.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

It would help if you also asked how much is the minimum order quantity (MOQ). This number will tell you how many items you can purchase at once and whether it makes sense for your business or not. If the MOQ is too high, then this means that it would be more expensive per item than if they had a lower MOQ requirement. Check their MOQ requirements before making purchases to avoid paying too much or too little per item!

Will the clothing manufacturer provide samples?

When looking for a clothing manufacturer, asking whether they provide samples is essential. You might want to look at other options if they do not. You want to ensure that you get something that looks as close to what you have in mind. If they don’t have samples, they will probably not be able to produce something that meets your expectations.

What are clothing manufacturer quality checks?

The quality of your clothing is essential as it is what sets you apart from other companies. To ensure that your clothes are made according to standard, ask what quality checks they have during production. A good company will have a team of people looking over every piece of clothing before it leaves their premises to ensure there are no mistakes or faults. They’ll also check their garments against their high standards before they ship them out so that when consumers receive their products, there aren’t any problems with them.

What is the clothing manufacturer’s aftersales service?

Aftersales service refers to how well a company deals with problems after delivering goods. This could include replacing faulty items or providing refunds where necessary. The best manufacturers will offer free delivery and returns on all orders and free samples so you can try them before you buy. They will also provide regular updates on your order status and respond when contacted during business hours.

Top 10 clothing manufacturers advised for your business

coverall manufacturer

When looking for quality clothing products for your business, you do not want to go anywhere else but through suppliers. We will show you where to find the best clothing suppliers in the world. Nowadays, people buy everything online, so it’s essential always to have many high-quality products in your store. So here is a list of the 10 best clothing suppliers we recommend.

Type of business: Clothing Manufacturer, Clothing Factory
Location: No.10 Hanghai Road, Guancheng district, Zhengzhou 450000, China
Year founded: 2008
The number of employees: 80-200
Main product: Safety clothing, workwear, work suit, work pant, PPE
Certificate: EN 11612, EN1149, NFPA2112, ISO certificate

clothing manufacturer,how to find clothing manufacturer

Best clothing manufacturer in China

Anbu Safety Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of safety clothing and workwear in China. Our company was established in 2008 and had been growing fast since then. They are located in Zhengzhou City, China, with convenient transportation access. All of our safety clothing and workwear comply with international quality standards and are prevalent in a variety of different markets throughout the world.


They have more than ten years of experience in exporting different styles of garments to the US, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, South America, Africa, etc., for their main dealing products are as follows:


Key Products:

  • safety clothing
  • workwear
  • safety jacket
  • work pants
  • work shirt
  • uniforms& raincoats
  • lab coats&chef coats
  • flame retardant coverall
  • coverall jumpsuits

China clothing manufacturer Pros

  • Fashionable and modern style.
  • Competitive price to ensure the benefits of customers and win their trust.
  • Professional fabric suppliers guarantee the quality of our products.
  • Professional sewing factory ensures every piece of clothing is well-made.

China clothing manufacturer Cons

  • Communication can be difficult
  • Delivery time is long
  • MOQ will be high 
  • Quality control is not easy

Type of business: Clothing Manufacturer, Clothing Distributor
Location: Room 1711, ESUN Creative Technology Building, Jia’an South Road, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Year founded: 2017
The number of employees: 100+
Main product: T-shirts, Hoodies, Swimwear, Jeans, Loungewear, Activewear, Lingerie
Certificate: ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO9001, ISO4001


Appareify: Your First Choice of Clothing Manufacturing Partner

Appareify is one of the best clothing manufacturing service providers you can count on. This China-based clothing manufacturer is committed to crafting top-quality clothing products that are stylish to look and comfortable to wear. Their team of professionals with extensive skills and experience will work closely with you to ensure every detail is perfectly executed and guarantee to bring your fashion vision into solid reality.

With sufficient investments in advanced machinery and clever production techniques, Appareify insists on conducting mass garment production efficiently and sustainably. Their factory can produce finished garments of up to 400,000 pieces monthly while keeping low MOQ requirements to cope with clothing businesses and fashion brands of all sizes.

To collaborate with its international clients worldwide, Appareify had developed a well-established supply chain and worldwide shipping process to ensure timely delivery and short turnaround time. So, if you are looking for a professional, dedicated, and efficient clothing manufacturer, Appareify is undoubtedly your go-to option!

Key Products:

  • T-shirt
  • Legging
  • Swimwear
  • Lingerie
  • Hoodie
  • Jean


  • One-stop-shop services for clothing manufacturing & order distributing 
  • High-quality and ethically scoured material and fabric
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly production practices
  • Strict quality controlling & monitoring system 
  • Low MOQ policy, budget-friendly for businesses of all sizes


  • Production inspection may be a challenge for clients outside China
  • Potential longer order delivery time

Type of business: Clothing Manufacturer, Clothing Supplier
Location: 7190 W Sunset Blvd #74D Los Angeles, CA 90046, USA
Year founded: 2012
The number of employees: 40-90
Main product: Hoodies, T-shirts, jackets, sportswear
Certificate: CE, ISO, OSHA

affix apparel

Best clothing manufacturer in the USA

Affix Apparel is an emerging apparel company offering versatile private-label services to different brands in the United States. The Affix has been a prominent force in the clothing industry for the last ten years. It has dedicated resources for clothing brands to help them build up their market identity.

They offer services in different clothing products such as hoodies, T-shirts, tops, jackets, and sportswear. In the apparel market, their primary goal is to align their services based on the needs of different brands and give them the highest quality they can find. Believe in introducing the brands with newer and more effective ideas to boost their presence on the clothing circuit.

Affix provides various services, including material sourcing, grading, pattern designing, sampling sizing, and shipping, so that they can offer everything under one roof. They would take care of everything once you have given them the design so you can focus on things that matter for your clothing business.

Key Products:

  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Beanies
  • Tanktops
  • Jacekt& Coats
  • Towels & Robes

USA clothing manufacturer Pros

  • Short time delivery time.
  • Made in USA
  • Professional custom design services
  • Best quality control
  • Small MOQ

USA clothing manufacturer Cons

  • Price is expensive
  • Low productivity level

Type of business: Clothing Manufacturer, Clothing Supplier
Location: International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2BN, UK
Year founded: 2012
The number of employees: 30-70
Main product: T-shirts, sweatshirts, Jeans, tracksuits
Certificate: CE, ISO

hawthorn international ltd

Best clothing manufacturer in the UK

Hawthorn is a leading UK clothing manufacturer specializing in concept design, prototyping, and full-scale production. The company manufactures and delivers customized clothing to startups, SMEs, and established fashion brands. They stay on top of the latest fashion trends from their central London HQ, helping brands grow from an idea to a profitable reality.

As a local UK garment supplier, they can deliver different clothing to you in a short time. They can supply professional custom design services for your needs. It is suitable for startups business in the beginning.

Key Products:

  • T-shirts & Tops
  • Hoodies & Sweatshirts
  • Jeans & Denim
  • Tracksuits & Twinsets
  • Coats & Jackets
  • Shirts

UK clothing manufacturer Pros

  • Short time delivery time for startups.
  • Made in UK
  • Professional custom design services
  • Best quality control
  • Small MOQ

UK clothing manufacturer Cons

  • Price is expensive
  • Low productivity level
  • Limited by the size of the market

Type of business: Clothing Factory, Clothing Supplier
Location: 270-A, Industrial Area-A, Ludhiana, Punjab 141003 INDIA
Year founded: 1995
The number of employees: 50-100
Main product: Men’s clothing, sportswear, women’s clothing, baby clothes
Certificate: CE, ISO


Best clothing manufacturer in India

NG Apparels was one professional garment manufacturer in India. The family business was founded in 1932 by Mela Ram Jain (Bai Ji), popularly known as “Mela Ram Soot Wale.” In Ludhiana, a 50-year-old former clerk wanted to establish a trading company (Sohanlal Melaram & Sons).

“NG Apparels” was established in 1995 in Ludhiana (India) and is recognized as a manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of all types of ready-made garments and fabrics in linen, polar fleece, cotton, viscose, bamboo, polyester, and spandex.

Key Products:

  • Baby Clothes
  • Men’s Clothing
  • Sportswear
  • Women’s Clothing
  • Workwear
  • Fabrics

India clothing manufacturer Pros

  • Low labor costs
  • Made in India
  • Easy access to raw materials
  • Leading exporter of cotton yarn and fabric

India clothing manufacturer Cons

  • Quality is hard to control
  • Low productivity level
  • Delivery time is long

Type of business: Garment Manufacturer, Clothing Supplier
Location: 9th Floor, Vinafor Building, 127 Lo Duc Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Year founded: 1931
The number of employees: 140-150
Main product: Jacket, hoodie, sweatshirt, uniform
Certificate: CE, ISO9001:2015, ISO13485:2016, Oeko-Tex 100, SA8000:2014, WRAP, GSV, Oeko-Tex

thygesen textile vietnam

Best clothing manufacturer in Vietnam

The thygesen company belongs to Thygesen Textile Group (TTG), formed in 1991 by three local, family-owned companies. Nevertheless, the story of the Thygesen family and the Group goes back much further than that.

In 1931, Carla Soren Thygesen began manufacturing underwear for children and women in a 90-square-meter facility in Ikast, Denmark. As the company grew, it became a world-renowned textile manufacturer, exporting its products worldwide.

TTG consists of eight international subsidiaries, all involved in the textile industry, following a nearly century-long journey with significant milestones. There is also a Vietnamese manufacturing company and a share of Müller Textil GmbH, a global manufacturer of automotive spacer fabrics. In addition to knitted/space fabrics, hosiery, and finished garments, the Group’s core competencies include development, production, and sales. They employ more than 1,400 people in Denmark, Vietnam, Germany, Slovakia, Turkey, the USA, Mexico, China, Korea, and Japan.

Key Products:

  • Sportswear
  • Medical Devices
  • Casual & Fashionwear
  • Children’s Clothing
  • Workwear/Uniform
  • Reflective Vest

Vietnam clothing manufacturer Pros

  • The price is cheaper than other countries, such as China and India.
  • The transportation is cheaper and faster than other countries, such as China and India.
  • It has a skilled workforce, which means you can find workers who are up to date on modern manufacturing methods. 
  • It has a skilled workforce, which means you can find workers who are up to date on modern manufacturing methods. 

Vietnam clothing manufacturer Cons

  • Quality is hard to control
  • Delivery time is long

Type of business: Garment Manufacturer, Clothing Supplier
Location: Monte do Calvelo, E.N 106 nº 1132 4620-256 Lustosa, Lousada Portugal
Year founded: 2012
The number of employees: 50-100
Main product: Worker jacket, cargo pants, zip hoodie, T-shirt 
Certificate: ISO 9001


Best clothing manufacturer in Portugal

The company provides sourcing, procurement, manufacturing, stockholding, and delivery services for our clients’ garments, allowing you to deal directly with a single company that manufactures according to your specifications.

CALVELEX has a flexible, proven track record working either as the designer or with the client’s design team to create ranges that maximize our client’s brand image and presence in their marketplace.

With over 30 years of experience in tailoring, CALVELEX is a highly successful and financially stable company. All of our tailored garments are produced in our state-of-the-art factories in Portugal, where we have three factories employing 700 highly-skilled personnel.

Key Products:

  • T-shirt
  • Hoodie
  • Denim Jacket
  • Sweatshirts
  • Vest
  • Windbreaker

Portugal clothing manufacturer Pros

  • high quality clothing manufacturing
  • Small MOQ request
  • Custom design services
  • Delivery fast 

Portugal clothing manufacturer Cons

  • Price is very expensive
  • Work no efficiency

Type of business: Work Clothing Manufacturer, Garment Supplier
Location: 6 Brex Court, Reservoir VIC 3073, Austria
Year founded: 1978
The number of employees: 50-120
Main product: Workwear polos, hoodies, jackets, sweaters
Certificate: CE, ISO


Best clothing manufacturer in Austria

Qualitops is an Australian clothing manufacturer founded in 1978. They specialize in ethically produced, Australian-made clothing. They offer a comprehensive stock service range that can be purchased online or through a wholesale account for larger orders. In addition to manufacturing custom garments, they can help you realize your design dreams!

Qualitops is an Ethical Clothing Australia-accredited manufacturer. They are licensed to use their trademark on all their Australian-made clothing.

All garment workers receive fair wages and working conditions as part of their commitment to ethical manufacturing.

Key Products:

  • Men’s Polo Shirts
  • Women’s Jackets
  • Workwear Sweaters
  • Kids Pants
  • Women’s Polo Shirts
  • Masks

Portugal clothing manufacturer Pros

  • high quality clothing manufacturing
  • Small MOQ request
  • Custom design services
  • Delivery fast 

Portugal clothing manufacturer Cons

  • Price is very expensive
  • Work no efficiency

Type of business: Clothing Manufacturer, Clothing Supplier
Location: Via 1ª Str., 4, Fiesso VE CAP 30032, Italy
Year founded: 1986
The number of employees: 40-90
Main product: T-shirt, jacket, pants, dresses
Certificate: CE, ISO

con fi fashion service srl

Best clothing manufacturer in Italy

The story of Con. Fi. Fashion began in 1986 in a small factory in the province of Veneto that produces clothes focusing on the quality and rules of sartorial tradition passed down by a long line of fashion-loving women. Growth has been continuous and constant for the company, so it has established itself as a leader in its field.

They have worked with international brands, large companies, and small local and global companies. Quality is the basis of the company’s strength and choices, whether to buy materials or provide services to the customer.

The company has developed a highly efficient organization that uses state-of-the-art machinery to meet requests of all sizes: pack various products. Please call us for more information about the models and their characteristics.

Key Products:

  • Jackets
  • Sweatshirts
  • Pants
  • Shirts
  • Dresses
  • Skirts

Italy clothing manufacturer Pros

  • high quality clothing manufacturing
  • Made in Italy
  • Custom design services

Italy clothing manufacturer Cons

  • Price is very expensive
  • Work no efficiency

Type of business: Clothing Manufacturer, Clothing Supplier in South Africa
Location: 18 Cypress Drive, Glen Anil, Durban, South Africa
Year founded: 2001
The number of employees: 50-100
Main product: Long sleeve T-shirt, shorts, activewear, face masks
Certificate: CE, ISO

oh two clothing

Best clothing manufacturer in South Africa

Oh Two Clothing has become one of South Africa’s leading manufacturers of promotional Clothing and retail clothing. Their family-owned and managed business began with one pattern maker and six machinists and has grown into a thriving business with Design, CMT, and screen printing capabilities.

Due to their fully vertical operation, they can control quality and price from start to finish. A quick response production model and a flexible infrastructure set us apart from our competitors.

Key Products:

  • T-shirt
  • Vests
  • Hoodies & Sweater
  • Joggers
  • Jackets
  • Dresses & Skirts

South Africa clothing manufacturer Pros

  • high quality clothing manufacturing
  • Made in South Africa
  • Price is competitive

South Africa clothing manufacturer Cons

  • Delivery time is long
  • Work no efficiency

Need more help finding garment manufacturers

By carefully selecting the best clothing manufacturers for startups business, you can ensure the success of your line of workwear. You will get the best garments in the market if you consider these tips. 

If you have more questions about finding the perfect garment manufacturers for your brand, please ask them in the comments below; we will be glad to help!

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