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Anbu Safety is a leading face shield manufacturer with over ten years of experience. We can produce safety face shields, face shield helmets for all kinds of work environments.  

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China's Most Reliable Face Shield Supplier

Anbu safety is a professional face shield manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide different styles of face shields, face shield glasses, face shield helmets, etc., to 30 countries. Choose the item that interests you and send us your inquiry.

We are a CE-certified face shield factory that offers OEM services and over ten different styles of face shields. 

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Our Products

Our safety face shields comply with CE EN standard, they can be printed with your own logo on the packaging, different colors are available.  

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Face Shield with Glasses

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Plastic Face Shield

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Kids Face Shield

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Clear Face Shield

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Face Shield Masks

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Face Shield Hat

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Face Shield Visor

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Face Shield Helmet

Why Choose Us

Good Quality Control

The quality of our products is guaranteed by CE and UL certifications.

Custom OEM Design

Our own designer can provide custom design services for your style of PPE item

Direct Factory Price

As a direct safety face shield manufacturer in China, we can offer you competitive prices.

Fast Delivery Time

OEM orders can be delivered in 30 days, while free samples can be produced in 7 days.

Our Happy Clients From 30+ Countries

Thanks to Google, we found anbu safety company and purchased the right helmet and goggles for our client at a lower cost than other local competitors. This helped us expand our business in two years.
Jhone Smith
Jhone Smith
Purchase Manager
Anbu Safety Company has been my partner for 5 years now, and I'm glad I chose them at the very beginning. I have never heard of my retailers complaining about their products.
Roger M Lambdin
Company Owner
Anbu Safety Company has been a great partner. I just send to their PO, then sit in the office and wait for their goods to arrive. Their sales are really professional. Quality is always excellent.
Floyd Miles
Sales Manager

Face Shield Certificate

Our face shield meet CE and ANSI specifications. We have CE EN166 certification for the face shield, and ANSI Z87.1 certification for safety goggles.  

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CE EN 166

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ANSI Z87.1

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CE EN149

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Anbu Safety Company is your reliable safety face shield manufacturer and supplier in China. We have exported face shields and safety glasses to more than 30 countries, including the USA, Germany, UK, Greece, France, Austria, Middle East and Africa countries.

We mainly provide OEM services for PPE orders. We can supply different styles of safety glasses, safety googles, and face shields. We can also add your logo to the shield. However, please note that our MOQ is usually 1000 pieces per style. We cannot supply you if your quantity doesn’t meet our MQO.

The Ultimate Guide for face shield manufacturer

The Ultimate Guide of safety face shield type, function, standard and feature.

Face Shield -All You Need to Know

Face shields are known to be one of the important protective and safe devices used by different people in different working environments. For instance, doctors, dentals, veterinaries, laboratories among others. This is for protection of their facial areas and associated parts (eyes, nose, and mouth) from all possible dangers such as splashes, spatter of body fluids, chemicals and other harmful things.

Generally, face shields do not work alone, but in conjunction with other PPE’s there is full protection against dangers. Although there are hundreds, thousands and millions of potential users of this specific device, guidelines for their use vary between governmental agencies, their professional’s skills and the available research in regards to their efficacy.

Therefore, this guide article provides to you concrete detailed information from the most frequent asked questions about the face shield, which can be helpful to both providers and users in different working environments.

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Table of Contents

What Are Face Shields?

A face shield is a protective device worn by workers in order to minimize facial injuries and infections acquired when on a daily basis duties. A transparent barrier cover is attached to a headband to prevent the users from large droplets, splashes, debris as well as spatter body fluids. They are designed in a unique style that is open at the bottom and sides.

To make things better, work easier and workers safe, it is good to understand that face shields go hand-in-hand with other protective devices such as respirators or surgical masks. This is in order to offer proper protection against infectious diseases such as the corona virus which is easily spread.

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How Are Face Shields Used?

Generally, face shields are primarily used to protect health care workers’ faces (eyes, nose and mouth) from splashes and a spray of body fluids. In health care facilities, face shields are used to protect both workers and patients from the spread of diseases.

Besides that, a face shield can be used to prevent diseases and body fluids that may occur in different circumstances and situations. For example, a nurse caring for a hospitalized corona virus patient is most likely to be infected with the same virus if he/she had not put on the face shield protective gear.

What Traits Should You Look For In A Face Shield?

If you purchase face shields from China, there are certain attributes you should always ensure they possess. Such types of characteristics are what make them visible in the market places, hence assuring and guaranteeing efficiency and effectiveness.

The following attributes are highly recommendable when buying, intending to purchase or manufacturing a face shield:

  • Extends down below your chin and covers around the ears
  • One that is adjustable to fit
  • Impact scratch resistances and has high quality material
  • One with a padded headband and a forehead vent
  • One with a cloth drape as an added advantage because it helps in stabilizing and making the shield firm by tucking it into the shirt or collar when the mask is not worn.
  • One that has been designed firmly and has no space between the forehead and the shield.
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What Are The Benefits Of Purchasing Face Shield?

Face shields provide a number of key advantages of purchasing them to wearers, including the following:

  • They are transparent enabling easy communication to the hearing-impaired
  • They provide protection since they are a subtle reminder to consumers not to touch their faces.
  • They are reusable
  • They are comfortable and less restricting
  • They are well-designed to be less fogging compared to masks.
  • They facilitate communication. Unlike a mask which obscure facial features and happens to muffle your voice, a face shield offers perfect conversations.

What Are Materials Suitably Used For Face Shield Mask?

When it comes to purchasing and choosing of face shield, it is very important to know the types of materials used for their production. Mostly, the common materials that are best in the manufacturing of the face shield are as follows:

  • Polyester film (PET)
  • Clear PETG
  • Polycarbonate Sheet
  • High Density Polyethylene

These types of materials used in the production of the face shield offer high clarity, easy to clean, are bendable and can as well be die-cut. The daily utilization of the face shield is to protect workers from debris, hazardous as well as infectious diseases transmission.

How To Find Face Shields Manufacturer In China?

In China, finding a good-quality face shield manufacturer is very simple since there are several locations where you can get all types of our faces shields in distinguished colours and designs. However, you must be cautious to choose the right manufacturer that can provide you with something that meets your requirements.

Requesting face shields from China is easy because all you need is to contact various manufacturers of your choice. You can use the internet as well in order to search for various shield manufacturers and navigate to find those that provide face shields that meet and match your desires.

The following are some of the well-known places where these businesses can be possibly found:

Verified Suppliers Directories – Because China has lots of face shield manufacturers, it is best and wise to work with the most trusted ones. Searching for verified supplier directories is a good approach to make clear identifications of these face shield manufacturers.

Global Manufacturing Marketplace – For a simple finding of a face shield, this marketplace gives the best solution in China.

Trade Shows – Such trade shows enable to connect with the producers for the final supply of face shields gear one-on-one. In order to gain the greatest contacts, you need to target these local trade exhibitions that deal specifically with face shields equipment and related staffs.

Online Trade Sites – A variety of internet trade sites may help you in identifying the correct face shield manufacturers.

E-commerce Website – China is one of the greatest and biggest manufacturers of safety equipment worldwide. Therefore, most of the Chinese safety equipment manufacturers and producers such as face shield have accounts on the most renowned and different e-commerce sites which can be of great assistance to you.

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How Do You Verify Face Shield Manufacturer In China?

You can make the verification of face shield manufacturing in China from anywhere in the world. All you need to do now is to visit their websites and go over their services and products. You may also contact them by phone call, messaging or via the official corporate email address shown on their website.

You can verify any manufacture by the use of the audited supplies that distribute their face-shields across the globe. This means you will not have to travel to China to verify that any face shield manufacture is legitimate to offer proper products and services.

Usually their customers’ services personnel are always there to answer any questions that may occur in your mind. You will receive a fast answer to each question or request you make.

What Are The Safe Ways Of Using Face Shields?

A Face shield is vital for your safety, but it is only effective when used in the right way for the rightful purpose together with appropriate wearing. Especially for those working in hospitals, chemists and other healthcare facilities, there is the potential of being infected with various viruses if they do not put on these gears.

Basically, proper wearing and removing, cleaning and placing a face shield in a perfect position are some things indicating the right way (s) of using them. Hence, it is appropriate to note how important it is to wear a face shield with a mask together when attending a COVID 19 patient.

 Always ensure that the face shield is strongly and firmly placed on your face and that the headband is tightened and properly worn. Below are some safe ways of using face shield equipment:

  • While putting it on, bend forward slightly, holding on the straps of the face shield with both hands.
  • Expand the elastic straps with your thumbs by placing them behind your head so that the foam rests on your forehead.
  • Make sure it covers the face appropriately, and there are no uncovered areas left out.
  • Also, ensure at no time should the front part of the face shield be tampered with when removing it.
  • Ensure your hands are cleansed before and after wearing and removing of a face shield.
  • When cleaning it, ensure that you carefully wipe the inside with a clean wiper saturated with a neutral detergent solution.
  • Fully dry it for the next time usage.

How Often Should A Face Shield Be Changed?

Usually, for disposable shields they may be used for as long as they keep their shape as well as remain intact. This is easily achieved by sanitizing the face shield with the prescribed disinfectants.

Though, it is not recommendable to re-use the face shield; rather, it should be disposed immediately after use. This simply suggests that if these equipment are available, they should be changed severally; that is, twice or thrice per week.

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How to Choose the Right Face Shield Manufacturer From Different Companies?

When selecting and picking the correct face shield manufactures, you must check the occupational safety ratings of each company, identify the work place dangers their face-wears can protect you against, and make sure that all their face-shields are put under appropriate quality control.

You can also look for a face shield manufacturer who takes into consideration the established guidelines. Above that, it is very essential to compare the prices of face shields across the manufacturers so that you can settle on the ones that are pocket-friendly.

In addition to that, if you are buying face shields from manufactures in china, there are a few things you should look for. Such characteristics help to ensure effectiveness and efficiency set this equipment from the competitions. Some of the traits you should look for include the following:

  • Excellent quality materials
  • Flexibility and durability
  • Light in weight
  • Meets all the face shield standards
  • Offers scratch resistance

What Are The Key Elements To Consider Before purchasing A Face Shield?

There are various factors one needs to consider when and before purchasing face shields.

  • You should consider the risk to encounter the best choice of a face shield. Even though there are multi-purpose face shields in the market, it is crucial to know the type of diseases you are likely to face in order to reduce your chances of being infected.
  • You should consider the possible costs because face shield prices vary with the types and designs or with the manufacture.
  • It is good and advisable to know the reason as to why you need to acquire a face shield mask.
  • You as well consider the proper ways of using a face shield, where and how to use it.

What Is The Procedure To Order Face Shield And Does The Steps Vary With The Face Shield Manufacturer?

You can contact any face shield manufacture by taking a look at their web site, calling the phone numbers shown on the web site, or emailing them to the official mail addresses.

Once that is completed, the manufactures usually answers the calls, messages and email requests immediately they receive communication or a notification.

Therefore, there is no need to worry about when and how you will be able to reach face shield manufactures from china since they are available in well-known places and accessible to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Are There Rules Governing the Use of Face Shields?

Yes, there are rules governing the use of face shields in various ways.

  • You should replace a face shield as soon as it appears not to be preventing you from any injuries, infections or other harmful dangers.
  • In case you notice any parts separating themselves, then that is a go-ahead to make changes to your face shield.
  • Always ensure that your safe equipment is approved, and it is clean all the time before putting it on.
  • Any evidence of scratchings on your face shield is supposed to advise you to hunt for a replacement shield, especially if you are involved in hazardous working environments.
  • Your hand should always be cleansed before and after wearing and removing face shield masks or using gloves.

Are Face Shields Reusable?


But, when it comes to different healthcare facilities, there are different decisions made, and they usually come as a result of availability in terms of face shield manufacturing and affordability in purchasing.

Hence, the research has found that face shield products are suitable for re-use purpose with appropriate sanitization in between the patients. Supposedly, each facility should examine the proper use/reuse of required protocols.

Can the Face Shield Be Customised? Does The Price Of Customisation Differ With Manufacturer?

The face shield can be customised depending on the clients’ demands. However, the price of doing this varies with the manufactures because of the differences in initial investments in machines and professional engineer and technical workers in various facilities that ensure face shields are distinctively personalized.

The face shield can be customised with the customers’ name on top where the head band is located or at the bottom end. But, face shield masks can be customised with images, quotes, colour styles as well as brand logos making them wonderful gifts for families and loved ones.

Are Face Shields Transported While Neutered?

The appropriate answer is no. The face shields that are delivered to facilities, different working environments or perhaps even to individuals should be considered to be non-sterilized. In that case, it is advisable to understand the proper known way (s) and guidance of disinfecting them to be effective for the intended reasons or use.

Therefore, you should consider the following cleaning materials that may be appropriate:

  • Soap and water
  • Isopropanol (75%) wipe

With this you are good to go. Hence, you should also be aware that there are some materials which are not compatible with cleansing these face shields, and they are not supposed to be used:

  • Autoclave
  • Hydrogen peroxide which causes vapour sterilization
  • Soak in isopropanol which is harmful or other organic solvent materials

Are Face Shields Disposable, And How Are They Disposed?

Thanks to the help and the right procedures used in disposing face shield masks. We can clearly say that this safe gear is easily disposed of after being used, and it is no longer safe to wear it. Therefore, it is good and wise to utilize a face shield as a bio-hazard while attending and treating the patient.

What Are The Standards Of Face Shield?

The specifications standards for face shield that are used mostly according to CE EN 397, ASTM 2413 and EN 166 in commercial settings such as facilities are designed specifically to protect the users from flying objects, chemical splash, body fluids, airborne debris, bigger droplets spray and other harmful optical radiation existences.

Therefore, the wearing of the face shield as the eye wear protector should be of high standard since serious damages and health are at risk, there is a need for providing all workers with this safety equipment. Supposedly, all qualified and satisfied face shields must be tested as well as being marked to showcase that it is capable of relevant protective standards.


Are There Any Services Offered By Shield Manufacturers?


In using the most advanced machines, we ensure that our face-shields for both hospital facilities and other working environments where there is exposure to flying objects, airborne debris, chemical splash, or harmful optical radiation exists are of the highest quality and delivery is completed on time. We can customize your shields by printing your company’s name, logo, advertising messages or any other market visuals on a custom basis.

We also ensure that the quality standard that we normally guarantee and promise is met. We will respond to your queries as soon as we receive notifications from you. We also analyse designs, sampling then and production are one of the services we offer.

We also provide continual packaging development and support, which helps you to stay updated about your concept by committing to a new model.

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