How to Check Safety Shoes Expiry Date?

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How to Check Safety Shoes Expiry Date?

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Safety shoes are important to wear when you’re walking around. They can protect your feet from injuries or infections. But how do you know if the safety shoe is expired? This is a good question.

The reason why safety shoes expire is that the rubber soles get damaged or worn out over time. That’s for sure! In fact, the soles of safety shoes can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years depending on what kind of shoe you buy and how often you wear them. If you’re not wearing your safety shoes regularly, then they’ll probably break down far before that. However, if you do wear your safety shoes properly, then they should be fine for many years to come!

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Do safety shoes have expiry date?

Safety shoes have a shelf life and the expiry date can vary from one manufacturer to another and from one style of shoe to another.

The same safety shoe may be sold by different manufacturers with different expiry dates because they may use different materials or manufacturing methods.

The best way to find out how long your safety shoes will last is to contact the manufacturer directly or check the tag on your shoes for an explanation of their expected lifespan.

Most safety footwear has a shelf life of between three and five years, with some brands even guaranteeing their product for up to ten years after purchase.

How do I know if my safety shoes are still in good condition?

You should notice that your safety shoes have been used for at least one years before you can say that they are still in good condition and safe to be used. The first sign of deterioration is when the soles start peeling off from the shoe. This means that your insoles has already deteriorated and you should change it as soon as possible because this may lead to injuries or even death. With regular usage, it will also mean that your feet have become callouses which could cause accidents while working on a construction site since they may slip off easily causing serious injury.

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How to check safety shoes expiry date?

When it comes to expiration dates on boots and other work footwear, there are two different methods used in determining when the product will expire: manufacturing date and shelf life date.

  • The arrow on the bottom of the shoe/boot has a dial around it and is pointing from one number to another.
  • The circle of numbers is 1 to 12.
  • 1 is January; 6 would be June and 12 is therefore December. this date showing is safety shoes manufacturing date.

As for work boots and other footwear with a lower cost of manufacture, there’s usually a longer time period between when they’re made and when they’re distributed to retailers or sold to consumers. This is why you can find Nike shoes in stores that are several years old, while others are only a year old (which would indicate poor quality control at Nike)

How old are your safety shoes?


Safety shoes that have a sole that is at least 1.2 mm thick will be suitable for use in most conditions, but it’s important to check them regularly for signs of wear and tear. To ensure optimum performance, safety shoes should also be replaced when the soles become too worn down or split.

Safety shoes for men and women can last for years, but they won’t last forever. If you’re looking at the boot’s “age,” it’s safe to say that a new pair of safety boots will probably outlast an old one. That said, there are some signs which might indicate the time is approaching when it’s time to upgrade your footwear.

Safety shoes are designed to protect you from harsh environments. If you’re in a business that requires you to spend long hours on your feet, then it’s best to wear safety boots for men and women. In addition, if you work in a job which involves heavy lifting or running around, then safety boots will be of benefit. For example, if your job involves working with machinery or heavy equipment such as cranes and bulldozers, then it’s essential that you wear safety footwear because accidents can occur easily. It’s also important to note that many workplaces require employees to wear protective footwear while they’re on the clock. So even if your workplace doesn’t require you to wear safety boots most of the time, wearing them at work is still recommended as part of an overall safety program.

How long are safety shoes good for and last?

If you read reviews or consumer’s feedback on any pair of safety boots you’ll see that people have totally different experiences in terms of how long their safety shoes lasted. Some say 1 years, others will say 2 or 3 years whilst others will say their safety boots lasted less than a year. It will depend on many factors. Are they made from a good quality material? Does the person wear them every day? Do they get heavy usage or are they just worn in the car park and when they come home afterwards?

We’ve seen some of these reviews on other work boots, where someone has said that their safety boot lasted 10 years. But we can say with absolute certainty that this is not true. This is an example of ‘bait and switch’ advertising, where you see something really amazing and then realize it’s been completely exaggerated. That being said, there are plenty of people who do have a pair of safety shoes last more than two years! How long your safety shoes will last depends entirely on how you treat them, and how much you use them for.

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When should you replace safety shoes?

Safety shoes are not usually a necessity when you work in an office or at home. However, they can help prevent injuries if you have to walk through rough terrain or climb up and down stairs. When should you replace your safety shoes? you should notice below 3 point.

Are they still functional?

If any of the parts of your boot break down to the point where you think it doesn’t protect you anymore… then it is time to go shopping for a new pair of work boots. For example, if the sole wears out and no longer provides traction or anti-slip properties, then you could replace them or resole them.

Are your safety shoes still comfortable to use?

If the leather on your safety boots cracks or you have a hole in the sole, those are signs that it is time to replace them. You will be working with water, chemicals and dirt, worse yet cold temperatures and heavy work load. It is important that you have a pair of safety boots that are comfortable and properly designed for your job.

Is there any sign of shoes upper damage?

If you see deep cuts in the upper, holes, or extreme wear and tear of the sole and similar, don’t think twice before replacing the boot. You can check with a cobbler first to see if they can fix it. If they can’t, I say bye-bye to them.


Before you set out and buy some new safety shoes, it is crucial to check their expiry date. These are important safety shoes used by employees in particular industries that involve heavy usage of construction equipment for e.g. power tools, forklift, cranes etc. 

Furthermore, safety boots are used by workers who are required to stand for long hours during the shift e.g. manufacturing plants, warehousing etc. Apart from expiry date, it is always good to check whether the men’s work boots fit you properly before deciding to buy them which can prevent injuries or discomfort while working in these shoes.

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