International CE EN20345 standard for safety shoes

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International CE EN20345 standard for safety shoes


CE EN20345 standard for safety shoes

SAFETY CLASS(Reference EN345-1)

Key Symbols

safety shoes function
safety shoes standard

Basic Function

Anti-slipping,Shock-absorption heel, Oil/fuel resistant, Weak acids/alkali resistant Outsole

SB – Basic safety boots with steel toe-cap “200 J”

SBP – Same as SB + resistance to perforation

S1 – Same as SB + Closed seat region + A + E

S1P – Same as S1+ resistance to perforation

S2 – Same as S1 + WRU

S3 – Same as S2 + P +Cleated Outsoless

Additional marking symbols

P – Penetration resistant outsole tested at 1100 newtons

A – Electrical resistance between foot and ground of between 0.1 and 1000 Mega Ohms *

HRO – Heat resistant outsole compound tested at 300° C

E – Energy absorption of the seat region tested at 20 Joules

WRU – Water resistant upper leather

The standard of toe-cap:

EN20345 Safety shoes and boots with a toe-cap, chich is resistant to 200J

EN20346 Protective shoes and boots with a toe-cap, which is resistant to 100J

EN20347 work shoes and boots without toe-cap

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