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List 10 Hard Hat Manufacturer in the China

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Hard hats are protective helmets worn by workers who may be exposed to falling objects or other safety hazards on the job. A hard hat is usually made of a hard plastic shell with a foam liner inside that absorbs impact from falling objects. 

The shell protects against blunt force trauma while the liner absorbs shock waves from sharp objects such as nails or glass fragments. Most hard hats have an adjustable chin strap so that they fit snugly around your head and don’t fall off easily when you’re working at heights or doing other tasks where they could get knocked off easily if not securely fastened onto your head.

Hard hats are made of hard plastic or metal, and they are designed to protect workers from falling objects. Hard hats are usually worn by construction workers, but they are also used by people who work in factories and other industrial settings. In addition to protecting the head, hard hats also help to protect the eyes from falling objects.

What should notice when find a hard hat manufacturer?

There are a few key things to keep in mind when looking for a hard hat manufacturer. The first is that you want to find a supplier who has a lot of experience manufacturing hard hats. This means they will have the necessary expertise and knowledge to create high-quality products.

Another important consideration is the quality of the materials used in the hard hats. You want to make sure that the helmets will be able to protect workers from injuries, so it is important to choose a manufacturer who uses strong and durable materials.

Finally, you should also consider the price of the hard hats. It is important to find a supplier who offers competitive prices without compromising on quality or durability. By following these tips, you can ensure that you find the perfect hard hat manufacturer for your business.

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One professional safety equipment company that produce a different type of hard hat in China.

8 types of personal protective equipment

China is the leading hard hat supplier in the world, If you want to know more about the hard hat manufacturing process, please contact us. In this article, we also list the top 10 hard hat manufacturers in China who produce high-quality hard hat at the best prices.

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Type of business: Hard Hat Manufacturer, Hard Hat Supplier
Location: No.10 Hanghai Road, Guancheng district, Zhengzhou 450000, China
Year founded: 2008
The number of employees: 100-200
Main product: Hard hat, work shoes, labor protection shoes, PPE
Certificate: CE EN20345, ISO certificate

hard hat manufacturer,hard hat supplier,hard hat manufacturer in China

As a leading company established in 2008, Anbu Safety mainly supplies various styles of personal safety equipment. As one of the leading PPE manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our goal is to help our clients win the market through high quality and competitive prices. 

More than 10 years of experience in exporting different styles of personal protective equipment to US, Europe, Middle East, Asia, South America and Africa etc., for our main dealing products are as follows:

Main Products:

  • Safety Shoes & Gumboots
  • Safety Helmet and hard hat
  • Eye Protection (Goggles)
  • Safety Mask & Gas Masks
  • Hearing Protection ( earmuff)
  • Safety Clothing& Uniforms
  • Safety Harness and belt
  • Leather Working Gloves
  • Safety Tools and accessories

PPE Safetymaster

Type of business: Hard Hat Manufacturer, Hard Hat supplier, Hard Hat Exporter/ Wholesaler
Location: Room 1401, No.177 Zhengtong Road(Wanda Plaza) Shanghai,China
Year founded: 1993
The number of employees: 900-1000
Main product: Hard hats, anti riot helmet, fire fighter helmets, welding helmets
Certificate: CE

Established in 1993 at Shandong province of China, Safetymaster is the most reliable manufacturer and supplier of Personal Protective Equipment, such as safety shoes, safety clothing, hard hat, hi vis vest, and other safety equipment.

These safety products use high quality raw material and latest machines. Available in various specifications, sizes and designs, these safety equipment is widely used in various industrial sectors. Cost effectiveness, comfort and elegant design are some of the prominent features of these products.

Main Products:

  • Hard Hats
  • Anti Riot Helmet
  • Fire Fighter Helmets
  • Welding Helmets
  • Safety Shoes
  • Safety Vests

Changzhou Holly Safety Protective Product Co., Ltd

Type of business: Hard Hat Manufacturer, Hard Hat Supplier
Location: Room 708,Building 10#,Longzhouyidu, Tianning District,Changzhou City,Jiangsu,China
Year founded: 2012
The number of employees: 100-200
Main product: Hard hat, earplugs, safety glasses, disposable mask
Certificate: CE, ANSI, AS/NZS

CHANGZHOU HOLLY SAFETY PROTECTIVE PRODUCT CO.,LTD manufactures head protection products. Their product lines include safety helmets, sports helmets, face shield visors, eyewear, and respirators. The majority of these products already have test reports from CE, ANSI, AS/NZS, and OEM is possible.

Main Products:

  • Hard Hat
  • Bump Cap
  • Safety Glasses
  • Disposable Mask
  • Face Shield Visor
  • Safety Goggles

Karmor Co., Limited

Type of business: Hard Hat Manufacturer, Hard Hat Supplier
Location: No.9, No.5 Community, North Station, Houzhai Sub-district, Yiwu, China 322008
Year founded: 2004
The number of employees: 100-200
Main product: Safety helmet, safety goggles, safety shoes, safety gloves
Certificate: CE

Karmor Co., Ltd. is the most diversified manufacturer and supplier of Impact gloves, Safety Gloves, Safety Shoes, Safety Boots and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in china.

For 18 years, they have gained a large experience in producing Safety Gloves, Safety Shoes, Steel Toe Boots,Steel Toe Shoes,Wok Shoes,Safety Boots,Rigger Boots,Fire Retardant Coveralls and other Personal Protective Equipment(PPE).

Main Products:

  • Safety Helmet
  • Safety Goggles
  • Safety Shoes
  • Safety Gloves
  • Safety Clothing
  • Safety Earmuffs


Type of business: Hard Hat Manufacturer, Hard Hat Factory
Location: #1501-1503,HeChengShiJi building,WuHe Avenue, BanTian Town, LongGang District,ShenZhen, GuangDong
Year founded: 1997
The number of employees: 100-200
Main product: Safety helmet, skate helmet, ski helmet, watersport helmet
Certificate: CE, GS, EN 1077, EN 1078, EN 12492, EN 166, EN 174, EN397, CPSC, VG1,SEI/ASTM


Aurora Sports is a helmet manufacturer, with more than 25 years experience in producing all types of helmets. In-house design and R&D teams with established experience, allows Aurora Sports to quickly respond to demanding requirements and create from scratch whole programs and collections with rigorous quality standards. Being located on Dongguan, China with one-stop, integrated manufacturing operation, Aurora Sports has successfully built strong relationships with satisfied clients worldwide and manufactures helmets for retailers, branded helmet companies and manufacturers.

Key Products:

  • Safety Helmet
  • Skate Helmet
  • Ski Helmet
  • Watersport Helmet
  • Kids Helmet
  • Carbon Fiber Parts

Baymro Safety China

Type of business: Hard Hat Manufacturer, Hard Hat Exporter
Location: No.19, Victory Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing, Jiangsu, P.R.China
Year founded: 2005
The number of employees: 100-200
Main product: Hard hat, lab coats, housekeeping gloves, patient apparel
Certificate: CE, ANSI, GB, ISO 9001

Since 2005, Baymro Safety China has supplied PPE to MRO suppliers.

As one of the leading PPE manufacturers and exporters in China, they offer reasonable prices and reliable PPE supply to their importers, distributors, and partners.

Key Products:

  • Hard hat
  • Chemical Safety Goggle
  • Welding Gloves
  • Safety Prescription Eyewear
  • Safety Spectacles
  • Plastic Glove

Changzhou Funta Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

Type of business: Hard Hat Manufacturer, Hard Hat Factory
Location: No.1-715/716, Fuhanyuan, East Taihu Road, New District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
Year founded: 2012
The number of employees: 50-100
Main product: Safety helmets(hard hats), safety glasses, face shield, safety shoes
Certificate: CE, ANSI, CSA, AS/NZS, SGS, GB, ISO9001

FUNTA has been in global PPE safety industry for years. They are producing and selling safety products like safety helmets(hard hats), safety glasses, safety goggles,face shield, face masks,safety shoes,earmuff and earplugs, etc. They have OEM capability, and they are now helping some world famous brand to do OEM.

Their main market is in North and South America, the Middle East, and some Asia countries. Their products have passed CE and ANSI standards. Every year, FUNTA develop more than 5 distinct models and provide top quality products to the market.
They always committed to offer their customers high quality products with reliable performance, competitive price and comprehensive services.

Key Products:

  • Head Protection Helmet
  • Protective Face Mask
  • Hand Protection Gloves
  • Ear Protection
  • Safety Eye Protection
  • Feet Protection

Hengshui Kaiyuan Fiberglass Products Co.,Ltd.

Type of business: Hard Hat Manufacturer, Hard Hat Supplier
Location: No.26, Yongping Street, North Industrial Park, Taocheng County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China
Year founded: 1995
The number of employees: 1000-2000
Main product: Safety helmet, welding safety helmet, ABS safety helmet, bump cap
Certificate: CE

Hengshui Kaiyuan Fiberglass Products Co.,Ltd, established in 1995 with a registered capital of 7 million yuan, is a professional manufacturer of safety helmet products. Their company is equipped with advanced production facility, adopts advanced manufacturing technology and modernization management system and has become the designated manufacturer for supplying labor protection appliance to Ministry of Labor.

Key Products:

  • Safety Helmet
  • Welding Safety Helmet
  • PC Safety Helmet
  • ABS Safety Helmet
  • Fire Safety Helmet
  • Bump Cap

Guangzhou Yangyue Safety Equipment Co., Ltd

Type of business: Hard Hat Manufacturer, Hard Hat Supplier
Location: 2/F, Building 2, Yujing Industrial Zone, No. 18 Dalingshan Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China, 510660
Year founded: 2012
The number of employees: 100-200
Main product: Hard hat/safety helmet, ear muffs, safety glasses, safety shoes
Certificate: CE, ANSI, FDA, GOST, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, OHSAS18001

guangzhou yangyue safety equipment co., ltdguangzhou yangyue safety equipment co., ltd

Guangzhou Yangyue Safety Equipment Co., Ltd specializes in PPE (personal protective equipment) research,development,production,distribution and export. Their products cover PPE, environmental safety, emergency rescue, public fire protection and so on. Furthermore, they provide practical solutions to meet the needs of all their customers according to their work environments.

With over 10 years’ experience, they become one of the leading PPE products suppliers from China. They developed their own PPE brand “Yangyue” and began manufacturing it in 2016. Representative products for their brand “Yangyue” are respirators,masks,safety shoes, protective gloves, etc. Yangyue products and solutions are widely used in general industrial work, construction, mining, oil fields, agriculture, education, transportation, medical care and the food industry, etc.

Their company has passed ISO9001 (certificate of quality management system), ISO14001 (certificate of environmental management system), and OHSAS18001 (certificate of occupational health and safety management system). And most of their products undergo third party testing and certifications such as CE, ANSI, FDA, GOST, etc.

Key Products:

  • Hard hat/Safety Helmet
  • Hats & Caps
  • Safety Glasses
  • Safety Shoes
  • Welding Protective Clothing
  • Workwear

Huizhou Deke Photoelectric Co., Ltd

Type of business: Hard Hat Manufacturer, Hard Hat Supplier
Location: 5th Xingyuan Rd, Yuanzhou Town, Huizhou516123, Guangdong
Year founded: 2010
The number of employees: 50-100
Main product: Safety helmet, safety goggles, Police Shoulder Light
Certificate: CE

Established in 2010, DeKe Photoelectric Co.,Ltd. Is located in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, and is specialized in the production, development and sale of LED displays, LED-based lighting products and LED-based traffic warning products.

The company’s main products include LED displays, solar warning lights, aviation obstruction lights, solar road studs, and so on. Suitable for use in government, banking, taxation, transportation, schools, businesses and other areas; enhance and visibility of government departments, corporations and other organizations.

Key Products:

  • Safety Helmet&Goggles
  • Road Stud
  • Solar Aviation Light
  • Traffic Wand Baton
  • Police Shoulder Light
  • Solar Yellow Flashing Light

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