How to care for leather work boots?

Proper care and maintenance can significantly extend the life of your leather work boots, keeping them comfortable, waterproof, and looking great. Here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Clean Regularly: Remove dirt and grime from your boots after each use. Use a soft brush to remove loose dirt. If boots are very dirty, use a damp cloth and mild soap to clean the surface. Be sure to clean the soles as well.
  2. Dry Properly: Never put your boots near a heat source (like a heater or a fire) to dry, as this can cause the leather to crack. Instead, let them air dry naturally in a well-ventilated area. If they’re very wet, you can stuff them with newspaper to absorb moisture and help them keep their shape.
  3. Condition: Conditioning your boots will keep the leather soft, flexible, and more water-resistant. Use a quality leather conditioner and follow the instructions on the product. Generally, you will apply the conditioner to the boot, allow it to absorb, and then wipe away the excess.
  4. Waterproof: If your work involves being in wet environments, consider applying a waterproofing agent to your boots. These products create a barrier that water can’t penetrate, keeping your feet dry.
  5. Polish: If you want your boots to have a shine, use a boot polish that matches the color of your boots. Apply the polish with a brush, and then buff the boots with a clean cloth for a shiny finish.
  6. Storage: When not in use, store your boots in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. You can also consider using boot trees which help the boots retain their shape.
  7. Inspect and Repair: Regularly inspect your boots for any damage. Check the soles and seams for wear and tear. If you find any, have them repaired promptly by a professional.

Remember, every pair of boots and every type of leather may have specific care requirements. Always check and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Regular care will maintain the look and prolong the life of your leather work boots.

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