How to clean FR clothing?

Q: I’m a workwear designer and I need to know each type of clothing feature for my work, I’d like to know how to clean FR clothing.

– Vassia Roditou

A: Flame-resistant (FR) clothing requires special care to maintain its flame-resistant properties. Here are some general guidelines on how to clean FR clothes, but always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific guidelines related to your FR garment:

  1. Washing: Wash FR clothing separately from other laundry. Use a mild detergent that does not contain bleach or hydrogen peroxide. Do not use fabric softeners or starch, as these can coat the fibers and reduce the garment’s flame resistance.
  2. Drying: Tumble dry on low heat. High heat can potentially damage the flame-resistant finish. Don’t use fabric softener sheets in the dryer for the same reasons as above.
  3. Ironing: If ironing is necessary, use a low heat setting. High heat can damage the flame-resistant finish.
  4. Repairs: If the clothing gets torn or damaged, use FR thread and materials to repair it. Non-FR materials can compromise the garment’s safety.
  5. Replacement: Regardless of care, FR clothing doesn’t last forever. If the garment is worn out, faded, or heavily stained, it should be replaced.
  6. Avoid Certain Substances: Certain chemicals and substances, such as bleach or hydrogen peroxide, can degrade the flame-resistant properties. FR clothing that comes into contact with such substances may need to be replaced.

Remember, the key to maintaining the effectiveness of FR clothing is proper care and maintenance. Damaged or improperly cleaned FR clothing can provide less protection. Always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions, as some FR fabrics may have specific requirements.

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