Is nylon flame resistant?

Q: I’m a workwear designer and I need to know each type of fabric feature for my work, I’d like to know is nylon flame resistant

– Vassia Roditou

A: Nylon is not inherently flame resistant. When exposed to flame, nylon will melt and can catch fire. If burning, nylon also melts and can stick to the skin, which can cause severe burns. However, it’s worth noting that nylon doesn’t catch fire as quickly as some other fabrics, such as cotton.

In order to improve its flame resistance, nylon must be specially treated with flame-retardant chemicals. Flame-retardant nylon is used in a variety of applications, including certain types of protective clothing and some fire safety materials.

Despite these treatments, it’s important to remember that no fabric is completely fireproof. In high-risk situations, it’s important to use personal protective equipment (PPE) that meets the necessary safety standards for your specific situation.

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