What are safety glasses made of?

Safety glasses are typically made from different materials designed to maximize both protection and comfort:

  1. Lenses: The lenses of safety glasses are typically made from polycarbonate, a type of thermoplastic that’s highly impact-resistant, lightweight, and can also block 99.9% of UV rays. Another material used is Trivex, which offers similar benefits but with slightly better optical clarity.
  2. Frames: Frames can be made from various types of plastic or metal. Nylon is a common material due to its durability, flexibility, and lightweight nature. Some frames may be made of polycarbonate as well.
  3. Side Shields: Side shields, if present, are often made from the same material as the lenses (polycarbonate or Trivex) for consistency in protection.
  4. Coatings: Various coatings may be applied to the lenses of safety glasses. Anti-scratch coatings increase the durability of the lenses, while anti-fog coatings help to prevent condensation in humid or rapidly changing temperature conditions.
  5. Gaskets and Padding: Some safety glasses have soft rubber or foam gaskets and padding for added comfort and to provide a better seal around the eyes. This is especially common in goggles or glasses designed for use in dusty environments or with airborne chemicals.

Remember, it’s important to choose safety glasses that are appropriate for the specific hazards of your work environment, and that meet the safety standards in your country or region. Regular cleaning and inspection are also important to maintain the effectiveness of the glasses.

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