What is the standard of safety helmet?

Q: I’m a construction worker and I need to buy some PPE for my work, I’d like to know what is the standard of a safety helmet.

– Alex Pieter

A: The standards for safety helmets, or hard hats, vary by country and are set by different safety and regulatory bodies. These standards outline the specific requirements that a safety helmet must meet in terms of physical properties and performance characteristics. Here are some of the most commonly used standards:

  1. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) / Industrial Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) – Z89.1 Standard (U.S.): This standard classifies hard hats into two types and three classes. Type I hard hats are designed to protect the top of the head. Type II hard hats provide protection from impacts and penetrations from all directions. Classes E, G, and C denote electrical protection levels.
  2. European Standard (EN 397) (Europe): This specifies physical and performance requirements, methods of testing, and marking requirements for industrial safety helmets. The mandatory requirements include shock absorption, resistance to penetration, and flame resistance.
  3. AS/NZS 1801:1997 (Australia/New Zealand): This standard sets out requirements for occupational protective helmets to protect wearers’ heads from falling objects in building, construction, quarrying, shipbuilding, structural engineering, forestry, and other industrial activities.

These standards ensure that safety helmets provide a certain level of protection against potential hazards in the workplace. When selecting a safety helmet, it’s important to choose one that meets the standards applicable in your region and is appropriate for the specific conditions and risks in your workplace. Always check the labeling or product description to make sure the helmet meets the relevant standard.

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