What shoes to wear with scrubs?

Q: I am a housewife and I want to buy work shoes for my daughter who works in a hospital and I’d like to know what shoes to wear with scrubs.

– Carlos Alfredo

A: Choosing the right shoes to wear with scrubs is crucial for medical professionals who spend long hours on their feet. Comfort, support, and safety are the top priorities. Here are some options:

  1. Nursing Clogs: These are a popular choice due to their comfort and support. Brands like Dansko and Crocs offer clogs that are easy to slip on and off, are easy to clean, and provide good cushioning. Some models also offer anti-slip soles – important for potentially slick hospital floors.
  2. Athletic Sneakers: Running or walking shoes from brands like New Balance, ASICS, or Nike are also a good choice. They are designed for long-term comfort and support, and many have shock-absorbing soles and are breathable.
  3. Slip-On Shoes: Slip-on shoes are easy to get on and off, a useful feature for healthcare professionals who may need to change shoes quickly. Look for slip-on shoes with good arch support and cushioning.
  4. Professional Work Shoes: Some healthcare professionals prefer work shoes designed specifically for long hours on hard surfaces. Brands like Skechers Work Line or Timberland Pro offer options with slip-resistant soles, toe protection, and supportive cushioning.

In all cases, look for shoes that are:

  • Non-Slip: Hospital and clinic floors can be slippery. Shoes with good traction help prevent falls.
  • Supportive: Good arch support and cushioning can help prevent foot, leg, and back pain.
  • Durable: Medical professionals are on their feet for long hours, and durable shoes will provide lasting comfort and won’t need to be replaced frequently.
  • Easy to Clean: In a medical setting, being able to sanitize shoes is important to prevent the spread of germs.

Remember to try on shoes with the same socks that you’ll be wearing at work, and at the end of the day when your feet may be swollen to ensure a good fit.

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