When should safety glasses be worn?

Safety glasses should be worn whenever there is a risk of eye injury. This can occur in a variety of situations, such as:

  1. Working with Tools: If you’re using power tools, hand tools, or machinery that may produce flying particles, you should wear safety glasses.
  2. Handling Chemicals: If you’re working with chemicals that could splash into your eyes, safety glasses, or in some cases chemical safety goggles, should be worn.
  3. Exposure to Harmful Light: If your work involves welding, working with lasers, or exposure to intense UV light, you should wear safety glasses with the appropriate light filtration.
  4. Working in Dusty Conditions: If you’re in an environment with a lot of dust or small particles in the air, safety glasses can help protect your eyes.
  5. In Healthcare and Laboratories: Safety glasses should be worn when there’s a risk of blood or other potentially infectious materials splashing into your eyes, or when handling biohazardous materials.
  6. In Certain Sports and Recreational Activities: Sports such as shooting, racquetball, or certain outdoor activities may require safety glasses to protect against injury.

Remember, it’s essential to select the correct type of safety glasses for the hazards you’re exposed to. Regular maintenance and cleaning of safety glasses are also crucial to ensure their effectiveness. Always follow the safety policies and procedures in your workplace or activity.

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