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One of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of reflective safety vests in China since 2008. As a professional China reflective safety vest supplier, we can produce custom safety vests, reflective safety vests, traffic safety vests, reflective safety jackets, and other types of safety workwear.

Safety Vest Manufacturer

China's Reliable Supplier of safety Vest

We are the manufacturer and supplier of reflective safety vests in China, for our work clothing used primarily in the oil and construction industries. We have our own safety vest factory that can produce different types of reflective safety vests, such as custom safety vests, boiler suits, flame retardant vests, fire resistant coveralls, police safety jackets, reflective vests, waterproof jackets, and more. We have EN11612 and UL certifications for our coverall, which can guarantee high quality.  

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anbusafety's Services for you

We are your reliable work jacket partner in China. We can help you win various industry projects. The work we do for you includes customs clearances, logistics, trade stuff, etc. Our consultant will keep you updated throughout the trade process.  

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Manufacturing safety Coverall

Direct safety coverall manufacturer who can produce cotton coveralls, work suits, flame retardant coveralls, safety jackets, etc.  

coverall factory

Manufacturing of work clothes

We are your true partner in manufacturing safety coveralls, work shirts, work pants, rain coats, scrubs, other workwear, etc.

safety belt factory

help win Clothing project tender

Additionally, we offer trader for other safety products which can help you source different PPE items, so you can easily win a PPE tender.  

How We Produce

fabric produce

Purchase fabric from our supplier

For each client's order we will purchase the fabric according to order requirements. So it will meet 100% of the fabric quality request from the client. The fabric supplier needs about 15-20 days to produce the fabric.

fabric produce2

Dyeing the color as client's order

We do not have stock of each color of fabric. Fabric colors need to be dyed at the dye factory for each order. So the fabric color can 100% meet the client's requirements. It needs about 10-15 days to do fabric color dying.

mass production

Begin mass production in the factory

We will design the coverall style based on your photos or real samples. We will begin mass production once the fabric arrives at our factory. The production process takes about 10-15 days.

coverall packing

Quality check and arrange delivery

The QC workers will inspect the goods after they are finished, and will pack them carefully as per the client's request. Then we will book the ship and deliver the goods to the nearest port.

Why Choose Us

Good Quality Control

Our products have the CE certificate and the UL certificate to guarantee their quality.

Custom OEM Design

We can provide you with custom design services for your style of coverall; OEM is welcome.

Direct Factory Price

We are direct safety vest manufacturers in China, so the prices for our safety shoes are competitive.

Fast Delivery Time

For OEM orders, we can deliver them within 30 days. for free samples, we can produce them within 7 days.

Our Happy Clients From 30+ Countries

Thanks to Google, we found Anbu Safety company online and bought the right cotton coverall and work shirt for our client at a lower price than others. This allowed us to expand our business within two years.
Jhone Smith
Jhone Smith
Purchase Manager
I have worked with Anbu Safety company for the past five years, and I am glad I selected them from the beginning. My retailers have never complained about their flame retardant coverall because they're so good.
Roger M Lambdin
Company Owner
We really love working with Anbu Safety Company. They're really professional. Just send them to their PO, then I sit in my office and wait for the goods. I have never been disappointed with the PPE items' quality.
Floyd Miles
Sales Manager

Our Certificate

We have CE EN11612 certificate for safety coverall and UL, NFPA2112 certificate for flame retardant coverall,   Almost all of our safety coverall meet EN quality requirements.  

en 361

CE eN11612

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NFPA 2112

UL certificate

UL Certificate

Start doing business with us today!

We are a reliable safety equipment supplier and manufacturer in China, we have exported different work shirts to more than 30 countries, such as the USA, Germany, the UK, Greece, France, Austria, the Middle East, and Africa.

We specialize in OEM services for custom safety jackets, polo shirts, work suits, cotton work shirt, reflective T shirt, reflective jackets, lab coats, chef coats, and standard medical scrubs. we can add your logo to the safety clothing. But please note for our MOQ usually is 1000pcs per style. If your quantity does not meet the MQO, we will not be able to supply you.

The Ultimate Guide to safety vest

The Complete Guide to safety vest type, function, standard and feature.

Safety Vest -All You Need to Know

A safety vest is an important piece of safety gear that every worker should have. They are commonly worn by construction workers, utility workers, and other people who work in hazardous areas. A safety vest can help protect you from injuries if you are involved in a workplace accident. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of safety vests, how to choose the right one for you, and some of the key features to look for. We will also talk about the different applications for safety vests and how to use them safely.

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Table of Contents

What is a safety vest and what is it used for?

A safety vest is a type of clothing that is worn to increase the safety of the person who is wearing it. A safety vest can be worn in several different situations, including when working in a hazardous environment, when walking or cycling in low light conditions, or when participating in outdoor activities. Some safety vests are also made to be reflective, which can help to make the wearer more visible in dark or low-light conditions. Safety vests come in a variety of different styles and colors, so it is important to choose one that will best suit the specific needs of the individual.

There are many reasons why someone might choose to wear a safety vest. For example, if someone is working in an environment where there is a risk of them being injured, wearing a safety vest can help to reduce that risk. safety vests can also be helpful for people who need to be visible in low light conditions, such as when walking or cycling at night. Additionally, safety vests can provide warmth on cold days or protect the wearer from the sun on hot days.

In general, safety vests should be worn whenever there is a risk of being injured or when working in a hazardous environment. They can also be helpful for people who need to be visible in low light conditions or who are participating in outdoor activities.

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What are the different types of safety vests?

There are many different types of safety vests available on the market, so it is important to do some research before purchasing one. It is also important to make sure that the safety vest fits well and is comfortable to wear.

The most common type of safety vest is the ANSI Class II safety vest. This type of vest is designed to be worn when working in a hazardous environment, and it features two stripes of reflective material on the front and back.

There are also Class III safety vests, which are designed for high-visibility applications. These vests feature three stripes of reflective material and are typically worn by law enforcement officers, construction workers, and other workers who are in danger of being hit by cars.

Finally, there are also mesh safety vests. These vests are lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for use in hot weather conditions. They also provide a high level of visibility to help keep you safe while working outdoors.

Why is it important to wear a safety vest?

There are many reasons why it is important to wear a safety vest. Some of the key reasons include:

  • To reduce the risk of being injured in a workplace accident
  • To increase visibility in low light conditions
  • To protect against cold weather conditions
  • To protect against hot weather conditions
  • To provide warmth on cold days
  • To provide protection from the sun on hot days

What is the standard of safety vest?

The ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 is the standard of safety vest. This standard defines the performance requirements, test methods, and marking requirements for high visibility safety garments. The purpose of this standard is to reduce the risk of death or serious injury to workers exposed to vehicular traffic. Garments meeting the requirements of this standard will provide increased conspicuity to the wearer in work areas where there is a potential for being struck by a vehicle.

There are four classes of safety vest, which are defined by their background material and reflective tape color: Class I garments have a yellow background with retroreflective tape; Class II garments have a orange background with retroreflective tape; Class III garments have a green background with retroreflective tape; and Class IV garments have a red background with retroreflective tape.

The standard also requires that safety vests meet specific performance requirements, which are based on the class of garment. For example, Class I safety vests must have an initial luminance of at least 500 cd/m² and a minimum surface reflectivity of 50 percent.

reflective vest 03

What is safety vest made of?

There are many different materials that safety vests can be made of. The most common material is polyester, but it can also be made from other materials such as cotton and nylon. Safety vests usually have a reflective strip on them so that drivers can see the person wearing it at night. They also come in a variety of colors, so that people can choose the one that best suits their needs.

Some safety vests also have padding in them, which helps to protect the wearer if they fall down or are involved in a car accident. Safety vests are an important piece of safety gear for people who work outdoors or spend a lot of time near traffic. They help to keep people safe and can potentially save their life.

How to choose the right safety vest for your needs?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a safety vest. The most important consideration is the level of protection that the vest provides. Other factors to consider include:

  • The type of work you do
  • The weather conditions
  • The size of the vest
  • The fit of the vest
  • The features of the vest

Here are some tips on how to choose the right safety vest for your needs:

Choose a safety vest that provides the highest level of protection. There are many different levels of protection, so be sure to choose one that meets your needs. Vests that provide higher levels of protection tend to be more expensive, but they are worth the investment if you need them.

-Consider the type of work you do. If you are working in a hazardous environment, then you need to wear a safety vest that provides the highest level of protection. If you are working in a less hazardous environment, then a less protective vest may be adequate.

-Consider the weather conditions. If you are working in cold weather, you need to wear a safety vest that is insulated and will keep you warm. If you are working in hot weather, you need to wear a safety vest that is lightweight and breathable.

-Consider the size of the vest. Vests come in different sizes, so be sure to choose one that fits your body well. A snug fit is important so that the vest will not move around when you are wearing it.

-Consider the fit of the vest. Vests also come in different shapes and sizes, so be sure to choose one that fits your body well. A good fit is important so that the vest will not move around when you are wearing it.

-Consider the features of the vest. Some safety vests have extra features, such as reflective stripes or pockets, which may be useful for your needs. Choose a vest that has features that you need and that will make you safer while working.

When choosing a safety vest, it is important to consider all of these factors to ensure that you are getting the best protection possible. Be sure to choose a vest that fits your body well and meets your specific needs. With the right safety vest.

When and where it is appropriate to wear a safety vest?

There are many times and places when it is appropriate to wear a safety vest. Some of these include:

  1. At work, if you are working in a hazardous area where you could be injured if you were not wearing a safety vest
  2. When doing any kind of construction work
  3. When riding a bike or motorcycle, to increase your visibility to other drivers on the road

There are also times when it is not appropriate to wear a safety vest. For example, you should not wear one at a formal event or while going out for dinner. Safety vests are typically seen as being too casual for more formal occasions. Choose wisely when deciding when and where to wear your safety vest!

What does the different color safety vest mean?

There are many colors of safety vests, and each color has a different meaning. For example, if you are wearing a green safety vest, it means that you are an emergency responder. If you are wearing a yellow safety vest, it means that you are working in a construction area. If you see someone wearing a safety vest, it is important to know what color they are wearing so that you know how to behave around them.

It is important to always obey the instructions of someone who is wearing a safety vest. This is because they are trying to keep themselves and others safe while they are working. By following their instructions, you can help keep everyone safe while they are working.

Are safety vests considered PPE?

This is a question that often comes up when people are looking for personal protective equipment (PPE). The answer, however, is not always clear. In general, safety vests are not considered to be PPE. However, there may be some exceptions depending on the specific type of safety vest and the work that is being done.

For example, if a worker needs to be visible in low-light conditions, they may need to wear a safety vest that meets the requirements of ANSI/ISEA 107-2015. This type of safety vest would be considered PPE because it meets specific performance criteria. If a worker is only wearing a standard safety vest, however, it would not typically be considered PPE.

What class safety vest do I need?

What class safety vest do I need? it depends on what type of class you are taking. For example, if you are taking a firearms class, you will need a safety vest with built-in protection for your torso. However, if you are taking a self-defense class, a standard safety vest will likely be sufficient.

No matter what type of class you are taking, it is important to make sure that your safety vest fits properly and provides adequate coverage. It is also important to choose a quality product made by a reputable company. This way, you can be sure that the vest will provide the protection you need in case of an emergency.

What is the difference between a Class 2 and Class 3 safety vest?

reflective vest 01 3

A Class III safety vest is heavier and thicker than a Class II safety vest. It is also more visible due to its bright colors. A Class III safety vest is typically worn in high-risk areas, such as construction sites or road work zones. A Class II safety vest is thinner and less visible than a Class III safety vest. It is typically worn in low-risk areas, such as office buildings or schools.

Both types of vests are designed to keep workers safe by providing them with visibility and protection from injuries caused by traffic accidents. If you are working in a high-risk area, it is important to wear a Class III safety vest. If you are working in a low-risk area, it is important to wear a Class II safety vest.

How many times can you wash a safety vest?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on many factors, such as the type of fabric the safety vest is made from and how soiled it becomes. However, most safety vests can be washed several times without losing their protective properties.

It is important to follow the washing instructions provided with your safety vest to ensure that it is properly cleaned and maintained. In general, you should wash a safety vest using warm water and a mild detergent. Do not bleach or dry clean the vest, and do not iron it.

Once your safety vest has been washed, allow it to air dry before putting it back into use. Be sure to check for any tears or other damage before using the vest again.

how to find a safety vest manufacturer in China?

There are many ways to find a safety vest manufacturer in China. You can search on the internet, or you can ask for referrals from your friends.

If you want to find a safety vest manufacturer in China, the best way to do it is to search on the internet. Many websites list Chinese manufacturers, and you can easily find one that meets your needs.

Another way to find a safety vest manufacturer in China is to ask for referrals from your friends. If someone you know has recently worked with a Chinese manufacturer, they may be able to recommend one that meets your needs.

Whatever method you choose, make sure you do your research before selecting a safety vest manufacturer in China. Make sure you compare prices and quality and be sure to ask for references from past clients.

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