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Anbu safety is a top safety shoe manufacturing company with 10+ years of experience in this industry. We manufacture safety shoes and safety boots for a variety of work environments.  

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Safety Shoes Manufacturer Since 2010

Your Reliable Safety Shoes Supplier in China

Anbu Safety is a leading global safety shoe supplier that designs develops and manufactures different types of safety shoes. Safety shoes are suitable for a variety of environments, including construction sites, factories, and warehouses.

As an ASTM and CE-certified manufacturer of work boots, we offer more than 100 styles of safety shoes for you to choose from. Our goal as a reputable safety shoe company is to continue to provide our customers with specialized safety shoes for different work environments.

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Our Products

Safety Rigger boots

As one leather rigger safety boots manufacturer. we supply different style leather rigger boots, goodyear safety boots.

Steel toe Safety gumboots

For our steel toe safety gumboots with PVC material upper and rubber outsole, they meet CE EN20345 S5 standard.

Why Choose Us

Good Quality Control

For our products to be of high quality, we have the CE and ANSI certificates for the safety shoes and boots.

Custom OEM Design

We can provide custom design services for your style of safety shoes and safety boots, OEM is accepted.

Direct Factory Price

We are direct safety shoes manufacturer in China, which can give you competitive price.

Fast Delivery Time

We can deliver your OEM order within 30 working days, and free samples within 7 days.

Our Happy Clients From 30+ Countries

Lucky to find anbu safety company on the internet by google, we purchased the right safety shoes and coveralls for our client with less price than other local competitors. It helped us to expand our business in 2 years.
Jhone Smith
Jhone Smith
Purchase Manager
I have worked with Anbu Safety Company for 5 years now, and I am glad I chose them from the beginning. I have never heard anyone complain about the quality of their products, we will keep working with them.
Roger M Lambdin
Company Owner
We are very glad to cooperate with Anbu Safety Company. For their sales are really professional. All I have to do is send to their PO and sit in the office until they receive the goods. Quality never disappoints me
Floyd Miles
Sales Manager

Our Safety Shoes Services

Your reliable safety shoes supplier in China. We can help you to design your own style of safety boots and safety footwear. We produce different custom safety shoes with your own brand and logo.

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Safety Shoes Manufacturing

We manufacture different styles of safety boots and military boots with more than 10 years of production experience.

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Custom Safety Shoes​

Our own safety shoe designer can custom-design safety shoes that you can order in your own safety shoe style.

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Safety Shoes Testing

 Our Quality Control department tests all safety shoes and boots to ensure they are puncture, wear, and impact resistant.  

Safety Shoes Certificate

The safety shoes we offer are CE certified for steel toe type and composite toe cap. They meet CE and ISO quality requirements.


CE EN 20345 S3 SRC


CE EN 20345 S1P SRC


CE EN 20345 S1 SRC

Start doing business with us today!

Anbu Safety Company is your reliable safety equipment supplier and manufacturer in China. We have exported different safety shoes and safety boots to more than 30 countries, such as the USA, Germany, UK, Greece, France, Austria, Middle East and Africa countries etc

We mainly do OEM services for safety shoes orders. We can supply steel toe safety shoes, steel toe gumboots, chef safety shoes, rigger safety boots, and Goodyear welt safety boots etc. We can add your logo to the safety boots. But please note that our MOQ usually is 1000pcs per style. If your quantity does not meet our minimum quantity order, we will not be able to supply you.

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The Ultimate Guide for safety shoes manufacturer

The Ultimate Guide of safety shoes and safety boots type, function, standard and feature.

Safety Shoes Manufacturers -The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Safety shoes are personal protective equipment that protects one from foot injury. Each kind of safety shoe is appropriate for specific workplaces and environments. Thus, there is no single safety shoe that is ideal for every imaginable working situation. 

Other than a workplace, several sports and leisure activities demand the use of suitable safety shoes to maintain a safe practice. This guide provides some of the common frequently asked questions about safety shoes

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Table of Contents

What are safety shoes?

Safety shoes also known as safety boots are Personal protective equipment for foot protection at work. Traditionally, any shoe having a safety toe has been referred to as a safety shoe.

These shoes may be designed of steel and referred to as “Steel Toes,” but today we have safety boots made from a metal alloy, polymer materials, and synthetic fibers safety toes.

Safety shoes have evolved into a variety of highly customized shoes that are expected to perform much more than safeguard laborers’ toes throughout time. High voltage safety shoes protect employees from electrical shock.

Usually, the build-up of electric static charge on workers increases as they continue working, while safety shoes help decrease static charge to prevent an explosion.

There are also puncture-resistant safety shoes that prevent punctures through the sole while heat-resistant safety shoes protect feet from hot conditions. In slippery places slip resistant safety shoes applicable in minimizing falling risks.

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Where Are Safety Shoes Used?

Generally, safety shoes are primarily used to protect people from any kind of danger that may attack their feet. The wearer’s feet are perfectly kept safe from sharp and any other kind of materials or objects that may harm in a working environment like factories.

Also, where an employee’s everyday work activities may result in the possibility of a serious foot injury, safety shoes are necessary.  

Foot injuries can happen in situations where there are spinning or falling materials, things penetrating the sole, or when feet are subjected to electrical risks, including a static discharge, that persists after the employer has taken all other essential precautions.

Unless there is a significant danger of foot injury, these recommendations are not meant to apply to duties done by the employees on a rare or exceptional occasion.

What Are The Features Of Safety Shoes?
  • Because sharp items may pierce the foot in these areas, safety shoes are made of a hard sole that protects such objects from harming the wearer.
  • Safety shoes are offer puncture protection.
  • Safety shoes protect feet from electrical shocks since they are made of insulating materials.
  • Safety shoes offer protection against impact and compression.
  • A 200-joule toe cap is a minimum requirement for safety footwear.
  • Safety shoes are penetration resistant.
  • Safety shoes are anti-static.
  • Safety shoes are insulated against heat or cold.
  • Safety shoes are water-resistant.
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What Are The Benefits Of Purchasing Safety Shoes?

Safety shoes protect feet against burn-in cases of fire outbreaks or chemical splashes in places such as industries. Metal droplets, chemical droplets or spills, and other toxic substances that might hurt the feet skin can be avoided using safety shoes composed of tough and durable materials.

Safety shoes protect feet against extreme weather or environmental conditions like the cold. Conditions such as cold weather can lead to complications like hypothermia which can grow into deadly diseases. Thus, these risks should not be neglected.  

Putting on safety shoes protects workers outside during the hard winters, as well as those who operate in a refrigerated setting by maintaining the feet safe and warm.

Safety shoes offer protection against falls and slip. Unexpected slips, trips, and falls can occur in every workplace, resulting in accidents. To dramatically limit the hazards caused by these catastrophes, many firms may take efforts like developing tight housekeeping practices and putting anti-slip floor tapes.

However, adequate safety shoes that give safeguard against falls, and slides are the only option. On slippery floors, shoes with a strong grip can assist decrease friction and avoiding falls.

Safety shoes provide comfort and resist feet muscle fatigue. These shoes provide pleasant comfort and balance for the ankles, making individuals more comfortable and flexible and reducing muscular tension. This feature allows them to be more aware of the working environment, allowing them to complete their tasks safely and effectively.

Safety shoes protect feet against electrical hazards. These shoes are poor conductors of electricity which enables them to be worn to lessen the risk of an electrical mishap. These safeguards considerably decrease the risk caused by exposed wires and good conductors of electricity.

What Is The Standard Of Safety Shoes?

There are two major safety shoe standards as EN ISO 20345 and ASTM 2413. Other safety shoe standards like LA, SNI, AS/NZS, GOST, JIS, SIRIM, and OHSC are also taken into consideration. However, they are all dependent on ASTM 2413 and EN ISO 20345.

But there is currently no internationally acknowledged standard for protective safety shoes. Many nations, however, recognize equivalent industrial shoe requirements that keep employees safe in high-risk areas like construction and mining.

But the safety standards include a minimum of 200 joules of protection, toe protectors, and chemical and heat resistance.

In 2011, the existing European safety shoe standard was amended to make it tougher, requiring that all goods be made, tested, and approved by EN ISO 20345. All safety shoes must meet this requirement, which provides front feet shielding against a 200-joule hit.

This is the maximum amount of energy that the toe area can withstand before it cracks. Various safety classes, such as S1 or S3, are defined by the EN ISO 20345 standard. Every safety shoe that meets the EN ISO 20345 safety shoes standard will be thoroughly inspected and given an S-class rating.

EN ISO 20345 specifies the specifications for safety shoes used in commercial settings such as factories. Typically, according to EN ISO 20345 demands that safety shoes are designed to protect the user from shocks, breaking, sliding, or rolling items, stepping into hard or sharp materials, hot or cold, and dangerous chemicals.

The ASTM 2413 (American Society for Testing and Materials) is a non-profit organization that produces and distributes voluntary agreement technical standards and certifications. In 2005, ASTM declared that its ANSI Standard will be phased out in favor of two new ASTM standards: F2413 Standard for Performance Criteria and F2412 Standard for Feet Protection Testing Procedures. These new safety shoe requirements give the same level of protection and performance as those proposed by ANSI in 1967.

What Are The Key Factor To Consider Before Purchasing Safety Shoes?
  • You should consider the risk to encounter the best choice of safety shoes. Even though there are multi-purpose safety shoes in the market, is crucial to recognize the kind of hazards you are likely to face to minimize your chance of foot injury.
  • It is also advisable to consider whether you need the safety shoes for comfort/ protection or style. Comfort should always take precedence over style, but you shouldn’t have to pick between the two. Therefore it is necessary you know the reason you need wants to acquire safety shoes.
  • You should consider the cost because safety shoe prices vary with types and designs or with the manufacturer. Experienced salespersons can assist you in choosing appropriate safety shoes for your budget and requirements.
How To Find Safety Shoes Manufacturer In China?

In China, there are several locations where you may locate various sorts of safety equipment manufacturers. However, you must be cautious to choose the correct manufacturer that can provide you with the right things that meet your requirements.

Requesting safety shoes from china is very easy; you only need to contact various manufacturers of your choice. You can make use of the internet and search for several safety manufacturers and navigate to find those that provide safety shoes that match your desire.

You can also search for audited suppliers and find which company products they supply. The following are some of the more well-known locations where these businesses may be found:

 Trade shows: Such trade shows enable you to connect with the perfect producers for the final supply of safety equipment face to face. To gain the greatest contacts, you should target local trade exhibitions that deal particularly with safety equipment or related things.

Online trade sites: A variety of internet trade sites may help you identify the right safety shoe manufacturer. This market has untapped potential, making it easier to find the greatest safety shoes manufacturers.

Verified suppliers: Because China has so many safety shoe manufacturers, it’s best to work with just the most trusted. Searching verified supplier directories is a good approach to identify these trustworthy safety shoe manufacturers.

eCommerce websites: The majority of Chinese safety shoes companies have websites on a variety of famous eCommerce platforms, such as and You must, however, conduct an investigation and ensure that you are working with a reputable company.

How Do You Verify Safety Shoes Manufacturer In China?

You can verify safety shoe manufacturing in China from anywhere in the world. All you have to do now is visit their website and go over their services and products. You may also contact them by phone or via the official corporate email address shown on their website.

You can also verify any manufacturer via the audited suppliers that distribute their safety shoes across the globe. You will not have to travel to China to verify that any safety shoe manufacturer is legitimate or offers the proper products or services.

Again, their customer service personnel are always there to answer any questions you may have. You will receive a fast answer to each request you make.

What Makes A Safety Shoe Manufacturer Unique From Others?

Differences that may exist between safety shoe manufacturers include the services they provide. For instance, fast delivery may make a manufacturer more competitive than those that may use slow delivery methods.

Also, a safety shoe manufacturer that provides reliable quality and that deals with audited suppliers and more trusted and win many customers.

What Are The Procedures To Order Safety Shoes?

You can contact any safety shoe manufacturer by visiting their website, sending an email to the official mail address, or calling the phone number shown on the website.

The manufacturers usually answer the call or requests as soon as they receive communication.

You don’t have to worry about when you’ll be able to reach safety shoe manufacturers from China since they are accessible to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can Safety Shoes Be Customized? Does The Price Of Customization Differ With Manufacturer?

Safety shoes can be customized depending on the clients’ demands. However, the cost of doing this varies with the manufacturers because of the difference in initial investments in machines and professional staff and technical employees that ensure the shoes are perfectly personalized.

Safety shoes may be customized with customers’ names or brand logos, and images, making them wonderful gifts for loved ones.

Are There Rules Governing Use Of Safety Shoes?
  • Wear and Tear: it is advisable to replace safety shoes as soon as you discover a protective component, such as a reinforced toe or metatarsal protection, begins to show through.
  • You should keep track of your safety shoes for dented toes especially when they are put to the test by heavy impact or punctures.
  • Separation of parts: If your safety shoes are composed of rubber or PVC, any apparent separation should alert you that it’s time to replace them.
  • Any evidence of leaking on the safety shoes should encourage you to hunt for a replacement pair if your work includes wet conditions or exposure to toxic substances or other corrosive materials.
How Long Do Safety Shoes Take To Be Delivered?

Most safety shoes manufacturers in China work closely with clients and keep them informed about every stage of the process as well as the status of their orders. From the time an order is confirmed until the time the safety shoes are manufactured and packaged; the delivery time depends on the quantity of order. The delivery time is 30-40 days after the order is confirmed.

If you live inside china, delivery of the safety shoes may take a couple of hours, depending on the distance from the manufacturing company. If you are staying outside china, however, you will just have to wait a few days for the delivery team to bring the shoes to your doorstep.

However, the time required for delivery may differ with the company depending on order quantity.

Do After-Sale Services Differ Across The Safety Shoe Manufacturer?

Client satisfaction is a priority for every safety shoe manufacturer. As a consequence, they give after-sale services to their customers. To begin with, they may provide door-to-door delivery, so you won’t have to go vast distances to get your safety shoes. You simply make an order with them, and you will be notified of the delivery time and location.

Discounts on big orders of safety shoes are another after-sale service that any safety shoe manufacturer may give. The amount of the reduction, however, varies by manufacturer. Some companies charge a lot for safety shoes, while others charge a lot for them.

Furthermore, the warranties granted by different safety shoe manufacturers may differ. Some companies provide a one-year warranty, while others may provide a longer warranty period. The benefit of the warranty period is the chance to try on the shoes. Your safety shoes can be changed at no cost to you if there is a manufacturing fault.

Finally, any Chinese safety shoe manufacturer may help you save money on imports. So, no matter where you are in the world, don’t forget to make an order.

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Is It Possible To Find Safety Shoes Manufacturer In Different Countries?

Yes! Safety shoe producers operate in several nations across the world, in addition to China. Suppliers have been checked by the manufacturing businesses to verify that clients outside of China get the safety shoes they require.

Manufacturers from China work closely with audited distributors and suppliers who take the safety shoes to different countries of the world.

How To Choose The Right Safety shoe Manufacturer?

When it comes to selecting the right safety shoe suppliers, you must examine the occupational safety ratings of each company, identify workplace dangers that their footwear can protect you against, and ensure that all their safety shoes are kept under appropriate quality control. Also, look for a safety shoe manufacturer who adheres to the established guidelines.

You also need to compare the prices of safety shoes across the manufacturers, so that you can settle on the one that offers pocket-friendly or flexible prices for different safety shoes.

Additionally, If you are purchasing safety shoes from manufacturers in China, there are a few qualities you should look for. Such traits help ensure effectiveness and efficiency and set the safety shoe manufacturers apart from the competition. Some of the characteristics you should look for include

  • Excellent quality
  • Flexibility
  • Durability
  • Lightweight
  • Meet the safety standards
  • Resistant to weather changes

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