List of Top 10 Uniform Companies in 2024

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List of Top 10 Uniform Companies in 2024

list of top 10 uniform companies in 2022

When choosing a supplier, you need to be aware that uniform suppliers will give you different kinds of benefits. Depending on the type of uniform and its production cycle, there are a few different techniques that suppliers should use. Below is the list of the top 10 uniform suppliers which I have compiled for you.

What are uniform companies?

A uniform company is a company that provides uniforms to employees. The process of getting a uniform made can take some time, especially if you are ordering in bulk. A uniform company will be able to get your order done quickly and efficiently. They have a system in place to ensure that everyone gets their uniforms on time and in the right size.

Uniform companies have many different types of uniforms available for purchase. You can choose from different colors and styles when it comes to buying uniforms from these companies. There are also many options when it comes to sizes and prices as well.

Many companies choose to use uniform companies because it helps them save money on their operating costs as well as making sure their employees look professional at all times while working for them. It also helps keep track of who has what size so they don’t have to go through the trouble of going through all their employees’ files every time someone needs a new uniform or if there are any replacements needed because someone’s old one has been damaged or worn out from use over time.

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List of Top 10 Uniform Suppliers in the World

These uniform supply companies are leaders in the industry, offering a wide range of uniform products to protect workers from fire hazards. The top 10 uniform suppliers in the world are as follows:

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Type of business: Uniform Manufacturer, Uniform Supplier
Location: No.10 Hanghai Road, Guancheng District, Zhengzhou 450000, China
Year founded: 2008
The number of employees: 100-200
Main product: Uniform, work shoes, safety helmet, safety mask
Certificate: CE EN20345, ISO certificate

uniform manufacturers,uniform suppliers,uniform companies

As a leading company established in 2008, Anbu Safety mainly supplies various styles of personal safety equipment. As one of the leading PPE manufacturers and suppliers in China. Their goal is to help their clients win the market through high-quality and competitive prices. 

More than 10 years of experience in exporting different styles of personal protective equipment to the US, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, South America, and Africa. Their main products are as follows:

Key Products

  • Safety Shoes & Gumboots
  • Safety Helmet and hard hat
  • Eye Protection (Goggles)
  • Safety Mask & Gas Masks
  • Hearing Protection ( earmuff)
  • Safety Clothing& Uniforms
  • Safety Harness and belt
  • Leather Working Gloves
  • Safety Tools and accessories

Type of business: Uniform Company, Uniform Supplier
Location: Guangzhou, China
Year founded: 2012
The number of employees: 60-200
Main product: Work uniforms, polo shirts, dress shirts, business suits
Certificate: CE, ISO

Heyday Dynasty is a reliable uniform manufacturer specializing in designing & making different types of uniforms. Their extensive range of products includes school uniforms, military uniforms, chef uniforms, hospital uniforms (medical uniforms), security uniforms, safety uniforms, office uniforms, Police uniforms, and housekeeping uniforms. They provide a variety of work clothes for Education, Team, Healthcare, Aviation, Hospitality, Military, and Corporate. All your uniform business needs are met at a reasonable price.

With a full supply chain & uniform manufacturing in advanced equipment and facilities, they’re able to customize your uniforms to the smallest detail. To save money and time, uniform suppliers are the smart choice.

Their accumulated 10 years of experience & expertise allow them to collaborate with you to elevate your quality products through every step of their production process. This is from consultation to final delivery.

Key Products

    • Work Uniforms
    • HI-VIS Uniforms
    • Industrial Uniforms
    • Medical Uniforms
    • Military Uniform
    • School Uniforms

Type of business: Uniform Manufacturer, Uniform Company
Location: Building 6, Lane 2500 Xiupu Rd, Kangqiao Industrial Park, Shanghai, China
Year founded: 2009
The number of employees: 100-200
Main product: Uniform, outdoor clothing, safety vests, jackets
Certificate: CE, ISO

Mladen Group Co., LTD., was founded in 2009, which is specialized in producing, designing, and marketing a variety of clothing, including jackets, uniforms, and shirts.

OEM and ODM are their main businesses. The raw materials they use in the manufacturing process are strictly regulated, and production standards are adhered to. Because of all of these, they have gained a lot of customers from America, Europe, Canada, etc.

Based on their recent export experience, they compiled previous research that shows that they are committed to offering you a one-stop service that includes design, development, manufacture, warehouse, and shipping.

Key Products

  • Work Uniform
  • Industrial Uniform
  • Military Uniform
  • Medical Uniform
  • Nursing Uniform
  • Police Uniform

Type of business: Uniform Importer, Uniform Supplier
Year founded: 2012
The number of employees: 400-500
Main product: Coverall uniforms, polar fleece jacket, work pants and shirt, workwear trousers and jackets
Certificate: ISO9000, SGS

wuhan kinglong protective products co.,ltd

One of the leading manufacturers of workwear in Wuhan, China, they have been supplying garments to Europe, North & South America, and the Middle East for more than 15 years. 

There are two Pattern Designers with over 20 years of experience in their company. They have the newest pattern software and an eight-person QC team to monitor the quality of cutting, sewing, packing, and ironing. Their factory has around 400 workers, each with 10-15 years of experience.

They supply Dickies chef wear to their US clients and Mapei, TNT, and Mapei brands to their European clients.

Key Products

  • Coverall Uniforms
  • Chef Cook Uniform
  • Hospital Uniforms
  • High Visibility Workwear
  • Workwear Safety Vest
  • Winter Workwear

Type of business: Uniform Supplier, Uniform Vendor
Location: Rm.503&504-1-16, Rongchang Creative Park, Jinnan Development Zone, Tianjin, 300350, China
Year founded: 2012
The number of employees: 100-200
Main product: Military uniform, military boot, bulletproof helmet, bulletproof vest
Certificate: CE, ISO

Tianjin HengtaiBoyu Int’l Trading Co., Ltd. has a factory in Wuhan equipped with a Military Uniform Factory. Its factory produces and exports all kinds of Military Clothing, Police Equipment, and Military Outdoor Supplies to many countries with a high reputation, like Military Uniforms, Military Boots, Bulletproof Helmets, Bulletproof Vests, Bulletproof Plates, Anti-riot suits, Military Raincoats, Camouflage Ponchos, Military Tents, Military Backpacks, Military Sleeping Bags, etc.

As well as Military Apparel, they also invested in Military DMS Boots and Bulletproof helmets, so they can get better quality, competitive prices, and faster delivery than their competitors.

With these advantages and their rich experience in Military Supplies, Police Body Armor, and Army Outdoor Equipment, they have established stable and long-term cooperation relationships with many customers in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the USA, Latin America, etc. Such as UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Ghana, Sudan, Kenya, Gambia, Lybia, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Congo, Cameroon, Lesotho, Ethiopia, Botswana, Sierra Leone, Swiss, Romania, Malaysia, Philippines, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Australia, etc.

Key Products

  • Military Uniform
  • Military Boot
  • Fire Product
  • Police Equipment
  • Outdoor Product
  • Bulletproof Material

Type of business: Uniform Manufacturer, Uniform Supplier
Location: Room 1002, Block 2, Fanhai SOHO, Jianghan District, Wuhan, 430010, Hubei Province, China
Year founded: 2002
The number of employees: 200-300
Main product: Military uniform, tactical helmet, tactical boots, face shield 
Certificate: CE, SGS

Wuhan Jinteng Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd. Was founded on January 10, 2002, and is a specialized manufacturer of military & police garments and outdoor protective products.

It covers an area of 7800 square meters, with 5600 square meters of production workshops and warehouses. Additionally, it has over two hundred skilled workers and a large number of technology and management professionals that are equipped with modern equipment and advanced management systems.

Key Products

  • Military Uniform
  • Military Jacket
  • Tactical Clothing
  • Military Vest
  • Bulletproof Series
  • Military Backpack

Type of business: Uniform Manufacturer, Uniform Supplier
Location: Rm 702, Unit 1, Shimao Avenue 168, Honggutan New Dist. Nanchang China 330038
Year founded: 1998
The number of employees: 100-200
Main product: Safetywear, pants, mask, tank top
Certificate: Oeko-Tex


ISAPPARELS is known as the “Garment Capitol of the World”, where the three National Economy Development Zones are intersecting. Hence, the availability of Materials, Transportation, and Workforce makes it an ideal location for manufacturing.

Their company was established in 1998 as “Nanchang Suburb Hongwei Knitting Garments Factory”. Since 2010, ISAPPARELS has been manufacturing cut-and-sewn garments in Nanchang, China.

Today, they are a vertically integrated garment manufacturer providing Weaving, Dyeing, Cutting, Sewing, and Printing under the quality standards and management supervision of ISAPPARELS. Their goal now is to produce garments that come out with bright, colorful, and vivid images, while being safe for human consumption when tested according to the Oeko-Tex standard by SGS. Having their own 15 tons of fabrics in stock, advanced 8 sewing lines, and 15 digital printing machines, ISAPPARELS is able to deliver 5-star quality goods, as well as a brilliant fast delivery term, including designs within 8 hours, samples within 5 days, and mass production within 15 days.

Having such comprehensive integration enables them to provide their customers with seamless quality control that averts the risks of international trade, a quick turn-around time meeting the marketing cycle and a competitive price. They are offering garment products including T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Hoodies, Pants, Vests, Caps, and Bags. In addition, recent promotions have focused on promotional items including caps, cups, bottles, umbrellas and etc. All products are OEM, ODM, or One-Stop Services.

Key Products

  • Safetywear
  • T-shirt
  • Sportswear
  • Polo Shirt
  • Hoodie
  • Caps & Hats

Type of business: Uniform Factory, Uniform Company
Location: Suite 1501B, Latifa Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE
Year founded: 2006
The number of employees: 100-200
Main product: Uniform, winter wear, T-shirts, fabrics
Certificate: CE, ISO

Apparel Point began in 2006, with its head office in Dubai and manufacturing facility in Ajman. The manufacturing facility in Ajman is ISO 9001:2015 certified and meets international standards. The company is known for designing and manufacturing uniforms for large UAE corporations. With an in-house design team consisting of more than 150 people, Apparel Point has successfully conceptualized, organized, and manufactured high-volume apparel orders for reputed organizations across the Gulf Cooperation Countries. An in-house embroidery and screen printing facility, Apparel Point, can efficiently turn around large and small orders.

Key Products

  • Uniform
  • Winter Wear
  • Polo & T-shirts
  • Design & Fabrics

Type of business: Garment company, Uniform Supplier
Location: UniFirst Corporation 68 Jonspin Rd. Wilmington, MA 01887
Year founded: 1936
The number of employees: 13900-14000
Main product: Industrial uniforms, coveralls, high visibility clothing, hospitality uniforms
Certificate: ISO 9001

They are one of North America’s largest workwear and textile service companies, providing uniforms, protective clothing, and custom corporate image apparel programs to businesses in diverse industries. And while they’re in the uniform business, they deliver so much more.

In addition to outfitting more than 2 million workers in clean uniforms each workday, they also have a hand in keeping their businesses clean, safe, and healthy through their Facility Service programs…allowing them to be a single-source solution for a variety of needs.

Key Products

  • Industrial Uniforms
  • Work Shirts
  • Work Pants
  • Outerwear
  • Flame Resistant Clothing
  • Chef Uniforms

Type of business: Uniform Manufacturer, Uniform Supplier
Location: 12323 SW 132nd Court Miami, FL 33186
Year founded: 1997
The number of employees: 100-200
Main product: Industrial work uniforms, casual uniform bottoms, outerwear, face masks
Certificate: CE, ISO

ja uniforms

Dating to 1997, J.A. Uniforms’ passion for uniforms stems from a recognition of the benefits its products yield to employers, their employees, and their clients. Long-lasting yet fashionable, its uniforms enjoy a modern style aesthetic that values comfort while maintaining a sharp look.

The distinctive look is a product of a dedicated in-house art, design, and manufacturing team capable of high-quality tailoring certain to enhance the brand identification of its customers.

To be sure, uniform-purchase decisions can be overwhelming, particularly in the hospitality industry where a variety of uniforms are needed to serve the distinct needs of disparate departments. With two decades of hospitality-specific experience, J.A. Uniforms is uniquely qualified to help hospitality customers navigate the myriad of uniform choices that exist.

Key Products

  • Industrial Work Uniforms
  • Security Uniforms
  • Hotel Uniforms
  • Restaurant Uniforms
  • Housekeeping Uniforms
  • Casual Uniform Shirts

Tips when working with uniform companies

When you are working with a uniform company, it is important to maintain a good relationship with them. There are many tips that you can use to maintain a good relationship with your uniform supplier.

1. Ask for references. Ask your colleagues, friends and relatives if they have any recommendations for uniform companies in your area. If you’re working with a big company, ask for references from other departments within the organization.

2. Check out companies’ websites before calling them up or visiting their location in person. This way, you’ll know what type of services they offer and how much they charge for them before you contact them.

3. Make sure you get an itemized list of charges for each order placed with a uniform company so that there are no surprises when it comes time to pay the bill.

4. Don’t be afraid to negotiate prices or ask about discounts if ordering large quantities of items from one supplier (such as multiple pairs of pants or shirts).


When selecting a uniform supplier, you should look at the reputation of the company, where they were established, as well as how big they are. There is a massive range of suppliers available, so you definitely want to source them from somewhere like the internet. Please remember that if you need this information in regard to uniforms for work please visit the link provided above. The people who commented on it said they found it very useful and now they don’t need to spend so much on uniforms anymore.

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