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Anbu Safety is a leading work boot manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience in the personal protective equipment industry. We make work boots and safety boots for all kinds of work environments.

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Work Boots manufacturer

Your Reliable safety Boots Supplier in China

Anbu Safety is a leading and global work boots supplier that designs develop and makes different types of work boots and shoes. We provide work boots for a variety of environments, such as construction sites, factories, and warehouses.

We are an ASTM and CE-certified safety shoes manufacturer with many certifications and more than 100 work boot styles to choose from. As a trusted work boots company, our promise is to continue providing our customers with specialized shoes for different workplaces.

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Our Products

Leather Rigger Boots

As one leather work boots manufacturer. we supply different style leather safety shoes, goodyear work boots, rigger boots, goodyear welt gumboots etc.

Why Choose Us

Good Quality Control

We have different standards CE certificate and ANSI certificate to keep our products good quality.

Custom OEM Design

Our own designer can give you custom design services for your style of PPE item, OEM is accept.

Direct Factory Price

We are direct work boots manufacturer in China, which can give you competitive price.

Fast Delivery Time

For your OEM order we can delivery it in 30 working days, for free sample produce in 7 days.

Our Happy Clients From 30+ Countries

Lucky to find anbu safety company on the internet by google, we purchased the right safety shoes and coveralls for our client with less price than other local competitors. it helped us to expand our business in 2 years.
Jhone Smith
Jhone Smith
Purchase Manager
I have been working with anbu safety company for 5 years now, and I am glad I chose them from the beginning. Their products are of very high quality, and my retailers have never complained about their products.
Roger M Lambdin
Company Owner
We are very glad to cooperate with Anbu Safety Company. For their sales are really professional. Just send to their PO, all I have to do is sit in the office and wait to receive the goods. Quality never disappoints me
Floyd Miles
Sales Manager

Our Work Boots Services

Your reliable work boots supplier in China. we can help you to design your own style work boots and safety footwear, we delivery different custom work boots with your own brand and logo.

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Work Boots Manufacturing

We manufacture different styles of chef safety shoes and safety gumboots with more than 10 years of production experience.

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Custom Work Boots​

Our own work boots designer can give you custom work boots design services, we can produce as your own work boots style.

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Work Boots Testing

All work boots and boots are tested by our QC department to ensure they are puncture resistant, wear resistant and impact resistant.

Work Boots Certificate

We have different work boots CE certificate for steel toe type and composite toe cap, it can meet CE and ISO quality request.


CE EN 20345 S3 SRC


CE EN 20345 S1P SRC


CE EN 20345 S1 SRC

Start doing business with us today!

Our company can be your reliable PPE manufacturer and supplier in China. We have exported different work shoes and safety boots to more than 30 countries, such as the USA, Germany, UK, Greece, France, Austria, Middle East and Africa countries etc.

We mainly do OEM services for work boots orders. We can supply steel toe work boots, steel toe gumboots, Goodyear welt safety boots, rigger safety boots, and military boots, etc. We can add your logo to the work boots. But please note that our MOQ usually is 1000pcs per style. If your quantity does not meet our Minimum Quantity Order, we will not be able to supply it for you.

The Ultimate Guide for Work Boots manufacturer

The Ultimate Guide of work shoes and work boots type, function, standard and feature.

Work Boots Manufacturer -The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Boots that come in a wide range of colors, materials, forms, shoe sizes, and styles. According to health and safety regulations, some businesses, corporations, and organizations in the building sector, railway business, or maintenance provide new employees with a pair of work boots for smooth official work.

This FAQ will provide you with all the information you need about the most reliable Work boots manufacturer. Here are the most frequently asked questions about work boots and work boots manufacturers.

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Table of Contents

What are work boots?

Shoes are an essential part of your daily life routine. Work boots are the type of shoes you use for the protection of your feet at the workplace. To ensure the safety of workers’ feet, manufacturers design work boots specifically for them.

As well as providing protection, work boots also provide comfort so you can focus on your work. Your work boots keep your feet safe from electrical hazards, falling objects, slippery floors, and other harmful materials.

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What are the features of Work Boots?

The features of the work boots can vary according to the demand and nature of work. Boots can be ankle length, and they can be knee-length. All the work boots contain the following features:

The manufacturers of work boots make sure that their buyers get the utmost protection. Many people work daily in a very hazardous environment. Workers should wear work boots to protect themselves from any work-related mishaps.

Manufacturers of work boots make durability their priority while making work boots. Most of the time, workers face harsh situations at their workplace. In such situations, durable work boots become the preferred choice of workers.

As you go about your daily work routine, your boots come into contact with various substances. Keeping that in mind, work boots manufacturers make oil, dust-free, and grease-resistant boots. 

It is the most important because exposure to moisture can cause fungal infection. So whenever you are buying work boots look for boots with this feature. It is suitable for workers working in fields, water-related industries, puddles, and working for a longer time.

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What are the types of Work Boots?

Work boots come in varieties. Manufacturers strive to create excellent work boots. They also make sure that your work boots are in accordance with your job description. Here is the list of a diverse range of work boots for your convenience.

Met Guard
This boot contains material that is also known as a Metatarsal guard. It prevents your feet from any object falling at a speed of 101.7 joules. As a protective barrier for your feet, it is made up of a shock-absorbing material.

Electrical Hazard Boots
These types of boots give you protection from electric shocks. Manufacturers make them from a non-conductive material so that you don’t get an electric shock.

Hiker Style Boots
Hiker-style boots not only give you safety but also add style to your look. They are breathable, and you can use them in hot seasons.

Alloy Toe Boots
Manufacturers make alloy toe caps for work boots from aluminum alloy. These caps are lighter in weight with a constant thickness of 2.5mm.

Steel Toe Boots
Workers use boots with steel toe caps to avoid occupational incidents. These boots are durable and soft so, you can work comfortably around heavy objects.

Wellingtons/PVC Boots
Wellington boots are commonly referred to as cowboy boots. Workers who work in puddles or the wettest places usually wear PVC or Wellingtons. These boots protect you from slips and trips.

Sports Worker Boots
Sports workers also require specific shoes. To fulfill the needs of athletes, there are sports workers’ boots. Those are perfect for strenuous exercises and lightweight in composition.

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What Are The Benefits Of using work boots?

It should be your top priority to ensure the safety of your feet. In this section, we are planning to discuss why you should use work boots at your workplace.

1. They prevent you from puncturing wounds.

2. They help you to avoid slips and trips.

3. Work boots keep your feet dry and healthy.

4. They ensure safety from burning objects.

5. These boots protect you from any electric shock or falling objects.

6. Work boots prevent your feet from harsh weather conditions.

7. They minimize the risk of dangerous disease, especially from prolonged dryness or wetness.

What are the differences between Work Boots and Usual Boots?

● The usual boots are softer than work boots.

● Work boots can be a bit more difficult than usual ones because of steel or alloy toe caps.

● Manufacturers make usual boots more stylish, keeping fashion trends in mind.

● Manufacturers of work boots try to make stylish boots. Style does not matter in the case of work boots.

● Usual boots do not protect you from perils, while work boots do protect you.

● You prefer to wear shoes according to events and situations. You must wear work boots at your workplace.

● Work boots prevent you from becoming fatigued and relax your muscles, preventing any muscular injuries.

How to choose the right work boots for your feet?

Selection of the right work boots can be difficult, but you can make it easy. You can choose the right boots according to your job. We will guide you by describing the work boots, and then you can make a decision.

● If you are working in an industry full of heavy machinery, you should wear boots with steel toe caps. There are chances of falling objects and flying objects, so you must protect yourself.

● Agricultural workers can wear PVC boots. These boots guard their feet from water due to water resisting ants.

● If you work at a place where you use high voltage electrical machinery, you must buy EH-rated boots. By using EH-rated work boots, you can elude the chances of electrocution.

● To avoid cuts and lacerations, you must buy Cut-Resistant Chainsaw boots. They contain certain materials to act as barriers.

● You should never wear boots made of inflammable material. Always try to search for station boots with arch insoles.

● Foundry boots are appropriate for workers who work in the presence of huge molten materials.

● Tornado boots are among the most popular boots. They are excellent because of their anti-slip, abrasion-resistant, and anti-penetration properties.

When you work in an environment with the risk of rolling objects, you should buy metatarsal boots.

What are the standards of work boots?

When manufacturers are making work boots there are certain criteria that they must follow. There are particular standards for manufacturing work boots to minimize work-related injuries. Even a little negligence can cause serious damage. The quality of such boots is the prime concern of manufacturers. Work boots are also part of Personal Protection Equipment.

IEC 61340-4-3:2017

This standard tells you about the determination of the electric resistance of work boots.

IEC 61340-4-3

It is about how to choose and use protective safety boots. It also defines maintenance standards.

CFR 1910.136 (a)

OSHA requires employees to wear protective footwear where there is a risk of foot injuries. 

CFR 1910.136 (b)

It defines the occupations where workers must wear protective footwear to keep themselves safe. 

ASTM F2413-18

It is a standard that makes the protective toe cap a fundamental and permanent part of protective shoes. According to this standard, shoes must be an electrical hazard and compression resistant. It contains metatarsal and conductive protection.

EN ISO 20344

These standards are used by manufacturers to measure the puncture resistance of shoes. A 4.5 mm thick needle is inserted into the specimen, and it should not penetrate the specimen.

EN ISO 20345

According to this standard, the heel area of work boots should be below 44mm and it must be closed.

EN ISO 20347

It is about the basics and additional requirements of work shoes.


The European standard discusses the requirements. It checks the impact of the toe caps and their capacity to endure the pressure. Resistance is also a crucial factor.

How do you find the work boots manufacturers in China?

There are many ways to find manufacturers of work boots in China. In this digital era, nothing is impossible. You can easily get access to any manufacturer. They are just one click away from you now. Here are some methods to approach work boots manufacturers.


Try to find a trustworthy person who has some connections with the manufacturer of boots. He can be a local or someone who has worked in this field for many years. In this way, you will be able to trust the manufacturer unquestionably. You can even hire a local person to find out and deal with the manufacturers of work boots in China.

Social Media

Everything is available on social media. If your social networking is strong you will be able to find work boots manufacturers in no time. The most popular platform from the business point of view is LinkedIn. You can even get recommendations from other people already in contact with that particular manufacturer.

You can get an idea of fairs in China via the internet as many videos are available on the internet. It is easy because you get in touch with the manufacturer online. If you want to meet different manufacturers, then China provides you with this chance as well. You can participate in multiple fairs and then personally visit the manufacturer. Work boot manufacturers can also arrange for you to visit the factory on your own request to check out their work boots.
How to verify work boots manufacturers in China?

It is a very challenging task when you are dealing with overseas manufacturers. There will be numerous hurdles in your way to finding an authentic manufacturer.

There are few methods to verify foreign manufacturers. By using the following methods, you can effortlessly verify work boots manufacturers in China.

● If you are already in contact with a manufacturer and want to verify his authenticity, try his name on different search engines. Use scam, fraud, and other types of relevant words. Sometimes people who are scammed by manufacturers try to leave comments and blogs etc. In this way, if there is any loophole, you will be able to trace that out.

● Another simple yet effective way for cross verification is B 2 B websites. Those websites can provide every information of the manufacturer. You will get to know every single detail of the manufacturer. They also have many verified manufacturers.

● You can ask your manufacturer to provide a business license, and then you can cross-verify it with the local authorities. Don’t start your business with those who can only give you lame excuses.

● Chinese database websites can be helpful for verification. You can check the Chinese supreme court database. If your manufacturer’s name is not on the list, you can carry out your business.

● Order some samples even if you have to pay for them. Ask your manufacturer to provide the company’s business account no. for money transactions. Only authentic and interested ones will provide you with their details.

●Overseas buyers must check the import/export license of your work boots manufacturer.

● Ask the manufacturer to provide his annual audit reports. From this, you can check their production capabilities. It is even possible to hire professionals to help you understand.

Can work boots be customized?

Yes, of course, you can get custom-made work boots. It can depend on the manufacturers if they are willing to do that. If you want custom-made work boots search for manufacturers who can separately customize them.

Many manufacturers can provide you with the option of customization. It can take a little more time as the manufacturer may not have the material of your demand.

Just like materials, manufacturers also have to take care of the standards of work boots. After taking care of international standards, they will start production for you.

In order to create customized work boots, the manufacturer must deal with a lot of details. So the price of customization may differ from other manufacturers. They may charge a little bit more because of material, changes, labor, and procedures. In the end, you will get the finest work boots of your choice.

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Is it possible to find work boots manufacturers in different countries?

It is possible that you can find work boots manufacturers all over the world. You can buy from them no matter where you live.

The price range also varies from country to country, including import and export taxes. As compared to all other countries, China provides you with the highest quality services.

Chinese manufacturers not only offer reasonable price ranges but very convenient and reliable methods. 

Chinese are easy to approach. You can even find the manufacturers on B2B sites. They deal with you professionally and understand concerns at your end.

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