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Anbu Safety is one leading safety helmet manufacturing company with 10+ years of experience in the industry. We make ABS safety helmets, construction safety helmets, and hard hats for all kinds of work environments.  

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Your Reliable safety helmet Supplier in China

Anbu Safety is one of the leading manufacturers of safety helmets and hard hats in China. Our company supplies a variety of ABS safety helmets, construction safety helmets, V guard safety helmets, hard hats, etc. To 30 countries. Please select the item that interests you and send us your inquiry.

We are an ASTM and CE-certified hard hat factory with many certifications and more than 10 styles of safety helmet styles to choose from. 

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Our Products

A leading hard hat manufacturer & supplier, we manufacture different styles of ABS hard hats, construction hard hats, and can add your logo to the helmet. OEM orders are welcome.lmet. OEM service is accepted..

Why Choose Us

Good Quality Control

We have different standard CE certificate and UL certificate to keep our products good quality.

Custom OEM Design

Our own designer can give you custom design services for your style of hard hat, OEM is accept.

Direct Factory Price

We are direct safety helmet supplier in China, which can give you competitive price for the hard hat.

Fast Delivery Time

For your OEM order we can delivery it in 30 working days, for free sample produce in 7 days.

Our Happy Clients From 30+ Countries

Lucky to find anbu safety company on internet by google, we purchase the right safety shoes and gumboots for our client with less price than other local market competitor. it help us to expand our business in 2 years.
Jhone Smith
Jhone Smith
Purchase Manager
I have been working with anbu safety company for 5 years now, and I am glad I chose them from the beginning. Their products are of very high quality, and my retailers have never complained about their products.
Roger M Lambdin
Company Owner
We are very glad to cooperate with anbu safety company. for their sales are really professional, just send to their PO, all I have to do is sit in the office and wait to receive the goods. the quality never disappoints me
Floyd Miles
Sales Manager

Safety Helmet Certificate

We have different safety helmet CE certificate for hard hat and safety helmet, it can meet CE and ANSI quality request.


CE EN 397


CE EN 812

ansi certificate

ANSI Certificate

Start doing business with us today!

Anbu Safety Company can be your reliable safety equipment supplier and manufacturer in China. We have exported different styles of safety helmets, hard hats, construction safety helmets, MSA helmets to more than 30 countries, such as the USA, Germany, UK, Greece, France, Austria, Middle East, and African countries, etc

We mainly do OEM services for safety helmet orders. We can supply custom safety helmets, ABS safety helmets, construction safety helmets, MSA safety helmet and different styles of hard hats, etc. We can add your logo to the helmet. But please note that our MOQ usually is 1000pcs per style. Please note that if your quantity does not meet our MQO, we will be unable to supply it.

The Ultimate Guide for safety Helmet manufacturer

The Ultimate Guide of safety helmet and hard hat type, function, standard and feature.

Safety Helmet -The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In many working industries and surrounding environments, for instance, on construction sites, the risks of head injuries to workers are constantly present. Physical injuries are among the most serious and dangerous risks at work, which are usually caused by falling objects at work.

These injuries are therefore not easily reversible and can only be minimized by providing or wearing a safety helmet to prevent them. Other than the work place, several sports and leisure activities demand the use of a suitable safety helmet in order to maintain a safe practice.

As a result of this guide article, you will find detailed information about the most frequently asked questions about safety helmets, which can be helpful both for providers and users. 

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Table of Contents

What are safety helmet?

A safety helmet is a piece of personal safety equipment worn by workers during industrial activities, construction sites and in other related activities to prevent and lessen head injuries. The most common causes of these injuries are falling objects, electrical shocks, debris, and rain.

Safety helmets are made with strong and durable materials. As a result, the helmets are positioned well for impact resistance and safety. Additionally, safety helmets have evolved into a variety of highly customizable helmets that are expected to perform much more than just safeguard workers’ heads all the time.

Safety helmet with ventilation holes
What Is Safety Helmet Used?

Generally, safety helmets are primarily used to protect people from any kind of incidental danger that may attack their heads. When the wearer is working in an environment such as the construction industry, their heads are protected from any type of object that might harm them.

Besides that, a safety helmet can be used to prevent injuries that may occur in different circumstances and situations. For example, when at construction sites, flying objects directly to a worker’s head can cause serious damage; that’s why a safety helmet is recommended.

What Material Are Usually Used For A Safety Helmet?

When it comes to purchasing and selecting safety helmets, it is very important to know the types of materials used for their production. Mostly, the common materials that are most suitable for the manufacturing of safety helmets are as follows:

With these types of materials used in the production of safety helmets, you are assured that the prescribed helmets you have purchased are of high quality as well as providing superior services and warranties.

What Are The Features Of The Safety Helmet?

If you are buying or intending to purchase safety helmets from China, there are certain features you should always ensure they possess. Such types of characteristics are what make them visible in the market places, hence assuring and guaranteeing efficiency and effectiveness.

In general, features of a safety helmet should:

  • Have high quality materials that are both durable and flexible
  • Resist penetration by objects and offer puncture protection
  • Be the ones that are tolerant of harsh mechanical and environmental conditions
  • Impact resistant, compression and absorbing the shock of a blow
  • Be ISEA (International Safety Equipment Association) approved
  • Come with instructions explaining proper adjustments and replacement of the suspension and headbands.
helmet inside
What Are The Benefits Of Using A Safety Helmet?

On construction work sites, it is most likely that if heavy and sharp objects fall on you, then a head injury can result in death if you are not wearing

Some of the imperative things to put into consideration when listing out the advantages of wearing a safety helmet at work are as follows:

  • Protecting head injuries
  • Protects you from cold breeze
  • Improves employee visibility at work
  • It offers protection against slips, trips and falls
  • It provides sun protection

With the above advantages of a safety helmet, you will be in a safe position to perform your daily assignments in an appropriate manner. With these benefits, work can be done at different workplaces quickly and easily.  

What Are The Standards Of Safety Helmet?

The wearing of a safety helmet is done when OSHA mandates head protection in order to prevent workers’ heads, necks as well as spinal from falling objects. Hence, there are major safety helmet standards such as CE EN397 and ASTM 2413. Other safety helmet standards like LA, OHSC etc. Are also taken into consideration. However, they are all dependent on CE EN397 and ASTM 2413.

But there is no internationally acknowledged standard for a protective safety helmet. Many countries, however, recognize the same industrial helmet requirements that keep all workers from high-risk areas like construction sites. Safety helmet standards include a minimum 2200 volts of protection against electricity.

CE EN 397 and ASTN 2413 are standardized safety helmet specifications used mainly in commercial settings such as factories to protect users from electrical shocks, debris, rain, slip, trip, or falling objects.

What Are The Right Ways To Use A Safety Helmet?

Safety helmets are very helpful for your safety, but they are only effective when used correctly for their intended purpose together with the appropriate gear. Safety helmets are required for places with above-average hazards such as construction sites with the possibility of flying objects impacting the head.

Basically, proper wearing of a safety helmet is what indicates the right way (s) of using them. Hence, it is good to note that putting on a safety helmet by tilting it sides to sides is dangerous. Always ensure that the helmet is strongly and firmly placed on your head and that it is pointing directly at the front.

Below are some of the essential ways of wearing a safety helmet:

  • Place the safety helmet upside down with its peak facing the opposite direction from you.
  • Pull the suspension strip system out of the safety helmet to check if there are any other remaining webbing wraps around the headband.
  • Always make sure that the adjustable tabs are facing the back of a safety helmet
  • You are now able to install the head band; this is achieved easily and faster with the help of the four self-locking clips in a safety helmet.
  • The next step is adjusting the safety helmet in order to make it fit.
  • Lastly, in order to make sure that your safety helmet does not fall easily when working on above-average ground or in a windy environment, you should fasten chin straps to the safety helmet.
How Often Should A Safety Helmet Be Changed?

Usually, the common types of safety helmets or often subjected to inspection at least twice or three a year. This is not because they are not durable and flexible, but in avoidances of unexpected dangers and damages, it would be appropriate to check their status severally as far as efficiency is concerned.

Once a safety helmet has been in a particular incident or job, they are supposed to be examined before being used for the next project. The reason behind it is just checking whether the equipment is ready for the next job or was it damaged by the previous incident to the worst of being replaced.

Aside from that, it is generally and distinctively important to be checking the safety helmet often. This is for the safety of workers using these safety helmets for different working places as well as figuring out if it is still durable and strong or weak.

Which Class Of Safety Helmet Is Most Suitable For Construction Workers?

Usually, there are 3 classes of safety helmets for head protection. There are three major types of safety helmets, which are mainly used to protect not only workers in hazardous situations but also athletes in hazardous sports zones.

These most suitable classes for a safety helmet for protection are as follows:

  • Class E (electrical); this one gives prevention to overcome more than 20,000 volts units.
  • Class G (general), with this type of class you can only overcome 2,200 volts units.
  • Class C (conductive), this is a bit different because it does not provide prevention from electricity.

Usually, the class C hard hats are worn by a constructor who is not assigned to work on exposed electrical hazards because the work would be dangerous.

How To Find A Safety Helmet Manufacturer In China?

Finding a safety helmet manufacturer in China is very easy. This is because there are a lot of places where you can get all types of our safety helmet in distinguished colours. However, in order to find the right manufacturers or suppliers of these safety helmets, it is important to be extra cautious.

These safety helmet companies can be found in obvious and familiar markets. They include the following:

  • Verified Suppliers Directories – These are places where you can quickly locate this specific equipment.
  • Global Manufacturing Marketplace – This marketplace offers the best solution in China for finding a safety helmet.
  • Local traders – With these people around, there is no need to worry about not having a safety helmet since they are the best at selling and supplying this safety equipment. Also, the great thing about local traders is that you often have the opportunity to meet them and have a one-on-one conversation.
  • Online Trade Sites – This one too does work so well, and it is also promising. You can get great safety helmet gear protection. Online sites such as can be helpful.
  • E-commerce Website – China is one of the greatest and biggest manufacturers of safety equipment worldwide. Therefore, most of the Chinese safety equipment manufacturers and producers such as safety helmets have accounts on the most renowned and different e-commerce sites which can be of great assistance to you.
What Are The Ways To Verify a Safety Helmet manufacturer in China?

Safety helmets from China manufacturers can be verified quickly and efficiently based on different characteristics. These techniques do portray and possess their reliability.

They are as follows:

  • Examining the certifications for the equipment and other related equipment.
  • In order to verify them, search engines and verified suppliers and directories can be useful.
  • Requesting samples from manufacturers or suppliers, whether free or paid for.
  • Visiting the manufacturer’s factory yourself.
  • For confirmation or clarification about a safety helmet, calling, sending a text message, or emailing the factory can be very helpful.
  • Asking for pricing costs is at times necessary as a way of determining whether the product is original compared to the ones being advertised.
Can Find A Safety Helmet Manufacturer In Different Countries?


Safety helmet manufacturers can be found in other countries but not as strong as the ones from China. The most attractive thing about China products is that they are supplied almost around the world.

You can also be able to make an order from abroad by the most popular method, which is through e-commerce sites. Since most of the suppliers and manufacturers of safety helmets and related products have registered active accounts on such platforms.

How To Choose The Right Safety Helmet Manufacturer ?

In order to choose the right safety helmet manufacturer, you must determine and examine the occupational ratings of each company, identify the potential dangers in a given environment. It is done to ensure that all heads are stored in safe and secure positions.

Also, you need to compare different prices the companies offer, so you can settle on the one that is pocket-friendly, or you can check different prices of different types of safety helmets.

To make the right choice of a safety helmet manufacturer from a different safety helmet company, you need to consider the following:

  • Durability
  • High quality materials
  • Resistant to weather changes, like when it rains
  • Light in weight
  • Meets safety standards, among others.

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